This command changes the backup retention policy for an Environment. Only the specified attributes will be changed. The rest will reuse the current value.


  aptible backup_retention_policy:set [ENVIRONMENT_HANDLE] [--daily DAILY_BACKUPS] [--monthly MONTHLY_BACKUPS] [--yearly YEARLY_BACKUPS] [--make-copy|--no-make-copy] [--keep-final|--no-keep-final]

  [--daily=N]                        # Number of daily backups to retain
  [--monthly=N]                      # Number of monthly backups to retain
  [--yearly=N]                       # Number of yearly backups to retain
  [--make-copy], [--no-make-copy]    # If backup copies should be created
  [--keep-final], [--no-keep-final]  # If final backups should be kept when databases are deprovisioned

Change the environment's backup retention policy