This command modifies an existing App HTTP(S) Endpoint.

📘 Tip: Use the aptible endpoints:list command to easily locate the Endpoint Hostname for a given Endpoint.


  aptible endpoints:https:modify [--app APP] ENDPOINT_HOSTNAME

  -r, [--remote=REMOTE]
      [--port=N]                                           # A port to expose on this Endpoint
      [--ip-whitelist=one two three]                       # A list of IPv4 sources (addresses or CIDRs) to which to restrict traffic to this Endpoint
      [--no-ip-whitelist]                                  # Disable IP Whitelist
      [--certificate-file=CERTIFICATE_FILE]                # A file containing a certificate to use on this Endpoint
      [--private-key-file=PRIVATE_KEY_FILE]                # A file containing a private key to use on this Endpoint
      [--managed-tls], [--no-managed-tls]                  # Enable Managed TLS on this Endpoint
      [--managed-tls-domain=MANAGED_TLS_DOMAIN]            # A domain to use for Managed TLS
      [--certificate-fingerprint=CERTIFICATE_FINGERPRINT]  # The fingerprint of an existing Certificate to use on this Endpoint


The options available for this command are similar to those available for aptible endpoints:https:create. Review the examples there.