To review or modify your billing information, navigate to your account settings within the Aptible Dashboard and select the appropriate option from the Billing section of the navigation.

Navigating Billing

Most billing actions are restricted to Account Owners. Billing contacts must request that an Account Owner make necessary changes.

The following information and settings are available under each section:

  • Plans: View and manage your plan.
  • Contracts: View a list of your billing contracts, if any.
  • Invoices & Projections: View historical invoices and your projected future invoices based on current usage patterns.
  • Payment Methods: Add or update a payment method.
  • Credits: View credits applied to your account.
  • Contacts: Manage billing contacts who receive a copy of your invoices by email.
  • Billing Address: Set your billing address.
Aptible uses billing address information to determine your sales tax withholding per your local (state, county, city) tax rates.