Focus on your product,
not your infrastructure

Aptible is the No Infrastructure platform that startup engineering teams use to deploy in seconds, scale infinitely, and forget about infrastructure.

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How Aptible Works

Engineering teams—start and scale your web apps and databases without ever managing infrastructure

Launch your project

Give Aptible your code via git push or point at a Docker registry and be up and running without any work or config. Everything from provisioning databases to setting environment variables all fall to Aptible.

If there's any unexpected hiccups, Aptible provides the logs and documentation to help easily identify and fix problems painlessly and without ever needing to leave the environment you're in.

Launch your project

Grow without infrastructure complexity

Build your App or API confidently knowing Aptible gives you all the platform features you need to grow without spending time on infrastructure.

Managed Databases with pre-configured tuning, metrics and logs that are both easy to find and use, and an expanding list of common framework and starter templates to support your every use case.

Grow without infrastructure complexity

Scale and achieve unicorn status

Aptible's platform is production-ready from day one and provides the scalability you need. Easily evaluate the tradeoffs between reliability and cost, toggle between horizontal and vertical scaling, or just leave it to Aptible to optimize.

Reliability is ensured with Zero-downtime Deploys, Instant Rollbacks, High Availability Deployment, Managed Database Backups, and more.

Scale and achieve unicorn status

Hit Enterprise scale, infrastructure team not required

At Aptible, enterprise requirements such as performance, security, and compliance inheritance are baked into the Aptible platform, ensuring you can meet customer expectations without investing in infrastructure.

And everything is backed by our best in class engineering-led support and production-ready SLAs.

The platform is architected for higher uptime than AWS, GCP, and Azure, and provides the highest uptime and scalability of any PaaS.

Hit Enterprise scale, infrastructure team not required
Aptible Features

Startup teams—eliminate the work of provisioning, maintaining, and scaling infrastructure

Start without investing in infrastructure

Aptible handles all infrastructure operations: Autoscaling, Zero-downtime Deploys, Instant Rollbacks, logging and monitoring, and more. Aptible's platform is production-ready from day one and ready to handle your most critical needs.

Managed Databases with pre-configured tuning

Aptible automatically handles configuring and managing of databases, including: PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, InfluxDB, MySQL, MongoDB, and more.

Observability at your fingertips

Metrics and logs are both easy to find and use when you need them. And seamlessly integrated with third party tools for better application performance monitoring, alerting, and more granular, detailed metrics.

A developer experience developers love

Deploy code in seconds using git push or Docker image, Aptible handles the rest. Interface with all of Aptible's functionality seamlessly with a fully-featured CLI and Terraform provider.

Enterprise-grade reliability always ready

Enterprise-grade reliability always ready

Everything Aptible does is backed by 99.95% uptime SLAs for reliability. And SRE coverage for incident response ensures you remain up-and-running and successful.

SRE coverage for incident response

Security and compliance without the work

Aptible's Security and Compliance dashboard gives an easy-to-consume view of all the security controls that's fully enforced and managed on your behalf, helping you show auditors and customers how your infrastructure meets and exceeds security and compliance best practices. And get HIPAA and HITRUST inheritance from day-one.

Network isolation with
Dedicated Stacks

Provision a Dedicated Stack (or as many as you need) to get network isolation for your resources. Get access to your Dedicated Stack via VPN tunnel or SSH Session, or use VPC Peering to connect to infrastructure hosted elsewhere.

Our Customers

Startups launch and scale on Aptible

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hims & hers
Able Health
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Series A

“Aptible just takes away the stress of managing our own infrastructure. With Aptible, managing deployments is easy, especially with the ability to restart with zero-downtime.”

Petr Hecko
Petr Hecko
Lead DevOps Engineer, Hims & Hers

Hims deployed with Aptible 2017. In 2021, they IPO'd.

“Aptible helps me sleep better at night. It handles all the DevOps, support is stellar, and allows us to feel confident we're able to use the cloud. Everything we need is automatic.”

Ion Feldman
Ion Feldman
CTO, rightway