Deploy a fully secure, HIPAA-compliant app from day one

✓ SOC 2 Type 2
✓ ISO 27001

Don’t waste engineering time building compliance into your cloud infrastructure. Use Aptible to get your product to market faster and be HIPAA-compliant from day one.

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Trusted by more innovators in HealthTech than any other PaaS

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How Aptible Works

Aptible is a Docker-based Platform-as-a-Service that helps you go from code to cloud without ever worrying about managing servers.


Deploy Your app

Point the platform at an existing Docker image to deploy containers automatically, or let Aptible build Docker images for you.


Provision a Database

Quickly provision a database by picking a type and footprint and letting Aptible do the rest. Get your credentials instantly and resize the container and disk anytime.


Configure Your Environment

Aptible natively supports 12-factor apps—just provide a list of environment variables and Aptible will securely store and make them available.


Establish Encrypted Endpoints

Add an endpoint and Aptible will provision and configure a load balancer that includes SSL termination. You’ll get a hostname back you can use to create a CNAME or send traffic there directly.


Access Your Logs

Access your logs in real-time via the Aptible CLI. For long-term storage or more advanced use cases, configure a Log Drain to deliver your logs via Syslog or HTTPS.


Pass Audits

Aptible automates the design and operation of all of your infrastructure’s security controls. Evidence of your controls' performance is made available directly in your Aptible Dashboard.

A Trusted Platform That Grows With You

Complete audits faster with well-documented controls, clear audit trails for third parties, and all of the security and compliance features you need get certified.

Instant Compliance and Audit-readiness

Complete audits faster with well-documented controls, clear audit trails for third parties, and all of the security and compliance features you need get certified.

List of target frameworks that Aptible addresses. HIPAA, HITRUST, SOC 2, ISO 27001
Aptible Audit Readiness dashboard showing status of HIPAA, HITRUST, SOC 2 Type 2, and ISO 27001 Audit Readiness
Ensure Compliance from Day One

Deploy automates and continuously monitors all of the infrastructure controls required to safely handle sensitive or regulated data.

Built-in Encryption & Audit Logging

Aptible implements everything you need to meet encryption requirements so your Databases, traffic, and certificates are secure.

Automated Business Continuity

You get automatic backups of your data every 24 hours. You can trigger a manual backup at any time, and restore in a few clicks.

Security-first Cloud Infrastructure

Get a security operations center out of the box with managed host intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, network anomaly monitoring, and more.

List of target frameworks that Aptible addresses. HIPAA, HITRUST, SOC 2, ISO 27001
Aptible Security Controls dashboard showing status of PaaS Security Controls
Vulnerability Scanning

Networks are scanned each month and the Aptible Security Team remediates any adverse findings without your intervention. Aptible also continuously scans your Docker images for vulnerable system packages.

Network and Host Defense

Aptible host systems are hardened to limit potential attack surfaces. Aptible also monitors underlying EC2 instances for potential intrusions and the Aptible Security Team responds on your behalf 24/7 as issues arise.

Auditable Access Management

Simple, role-based permissions govern your team’s access to your infrastructure and Aptible’s log drains capture all SSH and platform activity.

Zero-configuration DevOps

Aptible solves the hard parts of deploying and scaling high-availability infrastructure

List of target frameworks that Aptible addresses. HIPAA, HITRUST, SOC 2, ISO 27001
Aptibles Container Dashboard. Horizontal and Vertical scaling of your Docker containers on Aptible.
Zero-downtime Deployment

Deploy from a Docker image registry, have Aptible build an image for you from your code, or use the Aptible Terraform provider.

Container Scaling & High Availability

Scale your app and database containers, both horizontally and vertically. Containers are automatically geo-distributed for high availability.

SRE Team Monitoring & Response

The Aptible SRE Team monitors your infrastructure 24/7 and responds to host and network incidents on your behalf.

Secure, Audit-ready App Deployment in 16 Fewer Steps Than AWS

Aptible automates most of the steps to AWS deployment, so you can launch without roadblocks or delays.

Amazon web services
It takes 19 steps to
deploy on AWS.
  1. Develop your application
  2. Implement app-level security controls
  3. Select an operating system
  4. Harden the operating system
  5. Select and implement backend IAM roles
  6. Define network topology, e.g. VPC + subnets
  7. Implement NAT
  8. Select network security controls, security groups
  9. Set up a deployment pipeline
  10. Configure auditing, e.g. CloudTrail, and audit for coverage
  11. Select and implement database encryption at rest
  12. Select and implement a database backup strategy
  13. Select and implement encryption at rest for database backups
  14. Select a load balancing strategy
  15. Select and configure SSL/TLS endpoints
  16. Select and configure host-level monitoring, alerting
  17. Select and implement host-level vulnerability scanning
  18. Select and implement network vulnerability scanning
  19. Deploy

Use Aptible and Deploy in Three Steps

Save your engineering team the headache of building compliant infra on AWS. Use Aptible and get back to building your product. Request a demo to see how it works.

Who uses Aptible?

Aptible is built for engineers who would rather focus on product innovation rather than building compliant cloud infrastructure. Engineers choose Aptible because it's the fastest and safest way to bring a new product to market.

Teams that would rather not try to DIY on AWS.
Dev teams with no security expert.
Teams that need to focus on development and still get compliant.
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“I'm not sure what we would do without Aptible. We would have to hire 3 more people and we still would not have the high level of support and tooling that Aptible provides.”

Mark Siemers, Software Engineering Manager

Health Catalyst
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“We were able to rely on Aptible’s functionality to give us the controls we would need to handle sensitive data in the midst of a pandemic. Time and quality was of the essence. Aptible helped us to get to both quickly.”

M. Jackson Wilkinson, CTO

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“When evaluating a vendor, our priorities were trust, transparency, and reliability. Aptible hits them all, allowing us to focus on what we do without worrying about all the layers of legal and technical ops hurdles.”

Alex Villa, COO

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“Aptible enabled us to develop our application more efficiently and to breeze through hospital security audits, saving us effort and speeding up our sales process.”

Ryan Aipperspach, CTO


Focus on innovation,
not compliance

Eliminate compliance stress and get your app out into the world.