Compliance automation for B2B SaaS. Complete audits 6x faster.

GRC automation purpose-built for B2B SaaS. Continuously monitor cloud infrastructure, SSO access, and other SaaS systems to automate and simplify compliance management.

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All-in-one compliance management platform

Comply allows you to run your entire compliance program, from keeping an inventory of assets to sharing security reports, across all of the frameworks you care about.

End-to-end compliance management platform

Compliance Automation

Data automatically pulled from SaaS Systems

Put into a complete compliance platform

Run through a powerful automations engine

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ISO 27001:2013

ISO 27701:2019








NIST 800-171

NIST 800-53

NIST Cybersecurity V1.1

NIST Privacy





Automate Compliance Management

Connect your services to power intelligent automations. Instantly populate your asset inventory, start collecting evidence in seconds, and complete reviews in minutes.

Automate evidence collection

Implementing your controls has never been easier. Automate evidence collection and prevent mistakes by monitoring SaaS services for security configurations and changes.

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Automate user access reviews

Comply makes user access reviews simple through automation. By constantly checking your services grants and authorizations you can be notified instantly of any access discrepancies.

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Create a Single-Source-of-Truth

Comply provides a single source of truth of your entire compliance program. Build a unified data model of controls, people, devices, applications, vendors, risk, and more.

Automate your asset inventory

Comply integrations make it simple to keep an updated and accurate inventory of all of your assets including people, devices, applications, vendors, databases, code repos, and more.

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Unified Data Model

Simplify compliance management with a flexible platform that makes it simple to cross-map controls, evidence, risk, and more across all your frameworks creating a unified data model.

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Continuously Monitor Controls

Dashboards show your entire compliance program at a glance, while providing insights to help you focus on the most critical needs.

Manage by exception

With Comply’s intelligent automations you’re able to let the system collect evidence and manage only what needs attention instead of everything.

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Determine Vendors Trustworthiness

Companies today have more vendors, with more customer data, and more opportunity for breaches than ever before. Comply makes it simple to manage vendors through their entire lifecycle.

Simplify vendor management

Automatically pull in vendors through Comply’s native integrations. Once a vendor is in the system you can easily manage their information, reviews, and status.

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Streamline vendor reviews

You’re only as secure as the vendors you use. Comply makes it easy to formally review vendors and potential vendors, measure their risk, and determine whether to use a vendor.

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Easily Pass Audits

Close deals faster with less effort. Comply includes a sales enablement solution that makes it easy to respond to VSA’s and allows customers to have self-serve access to audit reports.

Test Once, Use Everywhere

Stop duplicating efforts across multiple frameworks. With Comply all of your information is stored in a unified data model so when you collect evidence it’s automatically applied everywhere.

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Dedicated Audit Management

Comply has a dedicated audit experience which makes it easy to upload your auditor’s request list, automatically apply existing evidence, request evidence from control owners, and automatically organize an export.

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Build Customer Trust

Close deals faster with less effort. Comply includes a sales enablement solution that makes it easy to respond to VSA’s and allows customers to have self-serve access to audit reports.

Self-Service Access to Trust Packets

Provide your customers with a self-service portal to access audit reports, pen test, security docs and more so they can complete the buying process.

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Easily Respond to Questionnaires

Comply simplifies responding to VSA’s by providing a shared form which eliminates spreadsheet questionnaires and reduces the time it takes to respond through automated responses.

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Compliance Automation Through Integrations

Comply automations do more than just connect your GRC platform with other services to share data. They power intelligent automations that eliminate manual processes such as evidence collection, user access reviews, and more.

Intelligent Automations

Intelligent automations enable asset inventories to be immediately populated and kept accurate. Evidence to be automatically collected and categorized. User access data to be compared and issues detected. As well as workflows to be kicked off and completed.

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