Aptible is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) used by companies that want their development teams to focus on their product, not managing infrastructure.

Like other PaaS solutions, Aptible streamlines the code shipping process for development teams, facilitating deployment, monitoring, and infrastructure scaling. This includes:

  • A simplified app deployment process to deploy code in seconds

  • Seamless integration with your CI/CD tools

  • Performance monitoring via Aptible’s observability tools or integration with your existing toolset

  • A broad range of apps, databases, and frameworks to easily start and scale your projects

  • Flexibility in choosing your preferred interfaces — using the Aptible CLI, dashboard, or our Terraform provider

What sets Aptible apart from other PaaS solutions is our commitment to scalability, reliability, and security & compliance.


To ensure we stay true to our mission of allowing our customers to focus on their product and not infrastructure — we’ve engineered our platform to seamlessly accommodate the growth of organizations. This includes:

  • On-demand scaling or automatically with vertical autoscaling (BETA)

  • A variety of Container Profiles — General Purpose, RAM Optimized, or CPU Optimized — to fine-tune resource allocation and optimize costs

  • Large-size instance types are available to support large workloads as you grow — scale vertically up to 653GB RAM, 200GB CPUs, 16384GB Disk, or horizontally up to 32 containers

Check out our customer success stories to learn more from companies that have scaled their infrastructure on Aptible, from startup to enterprise.


We believe in reliable infrastructure for all. That’s why we provide reliability-focused functionality to minimize downtime — by default, and we make implementing advanced reliability practices, like multi-region support, a breeze. This includes:

  • Zero-downtime app deployments and minimal downtime for databases (typical 1 minute)

  • Instant rollbacks for failed deployments and high-availability app deployments — by default

  • Fully Managed Databases with monitoring, maintenance, replicas, and in-place upgrades to ensure that your databases run smoothly and securely

  • Uptime averaging at 99.98%, with a guaranteed SLA of 99.95%, and 24/7 Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) monitoring to safeguard your applications

  • Multi-region support to minimize impact from major outages

Security & Compliance

Our story began with a focus on security & compliance — making us the leading PaaS for security & compliance. We provide developer-friendly infrastructure guardrails and solutions to help our customers navigate security audits and achieve compliance. This includes:

  • A Security and Compliance Dashboard to review what’s implemented, track progress, achieve compliance, and easily share a summarized report,

  • Encryption, DDoS protection, host hardening, intrusion detection, and vulnerability scanning, so you don’t have to think about security best practices

  • Secure access to your resources with granular user permission controls, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and Single Sign-On (SSO) support

  • HIPAA Business Associate Agreements (BAAs), HITRUST Inheritance, and streamlined SOC 2 compliance — CISO-approved

Our story

Our journey began in 2013, a time when HIPAA, with all its complexities, was still relatively new and challenging to decipher. As we approached September 2013, an impending deadline loomed large—the HIPAA Omnibus Rule was set to take effect in September 2023, mandating thousands of digital health companies to comply with HIPAA basically overnight. Recognizing this imminent need, Aptible embarked on a mission to simplify HIPAA for developers in healthcare, from solo developers at startups to large-scale development teams who lacked the time/resources to delve into the compliance space.

We brought a platform to the market that made HIPAA compliance achievable from day 1. Soon after, we expanded our scope to support HITRUST, SOC 2, ISO 27001, and more — establishing ourselves as the go-to PaaS for digital health companies.

As we continued to evolve our platform, we realized we had created something exceptional—a platform that streamlines security and compliance, offers reliable and high-performance infrastructure as the default, allows for easy resource scaling, and, to top it all off, features a best-in-class support team providing invaluable infrastructure expertise to our customers. It became evident that it could benefit a broader range of companies beyond the digital health sector. This realization led to a pivotal shift in our mission—to alleviate infrastructure challenges for all dev teams, not limited to healthcare.