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Maintenance Page

Custom Maintenance Page

You can configure your App with a custom maintenance page.

This page will be served by your HTTP(S) Endpoints when requests time out, or if your App is down. It will also be served if the Endpoint's underlying Service is scaled to zero.

To configure one, set the MAINTENANCE_PAGE_URL Configuration variable on your app:

aptible config:set --app "$APP_HANDLE" \

Aptible will download and cache the maintenance page when deploying your app. If it needs to be served, Aptible will serve the maintenance page directly to clients.

This means:

  • Make sure your maintenance page is publicly accessible so that Aptible can download it.
  • Don't use relative links in your maintenance page: the page won't be served from its original URL, so relative links will break.

If you don't set up a custom maintenance page, a generic Aptible maintenance page will be served instead.


If all your app Containers are down, or if your Service is scaled to zero, Aptible will route your traffic to an error page server: Brickwall.

Brickwall will serve your Custom Maintenance Page if you set one up, and fallback to a generic Aptible error page if you did not.

You usually shouldn't need to, but you can identify responses coming from Brickwall through their Server header, which will be set to brickwall. Brickwall returns a 502 error code which is not configurable.