Best practices when opening a ticket

  • Add Detail: Please provide as much detail as possible to help us resolve your issue quickly. When appropriate, please include the following:

    • Relevant handles (App, Database, Environment, etc.)

    • Logs or error messages

    • The UTC timestamp when you experienced the issue

    • Any commands or configurations you have tried so far

  • Sanitize any sensitive information: This includes Database Credentials, SSH keys, passwords, tokens, and any confidential Configuration variables you may use.

  • Format your support requests: To make it easier to parse important information, use backticks for monospacing or triple backticks for code blocks. We suggest using private GitHub Gists for long code blocks or stack traces.

  • Set the appropriate priority: This makes it easier for us to respond within the appropriate time frame.

Ticket Priority

🏳️ High and Urgent Priority Support are only available on the Premium & Enterprise Support plans.

Users have the option to assign a priority level to their ticket submission, which is based on their support plan. The available priority levels include:

  • Low (You have a general development question, or you want to request a feature)

  • Normal (Non-critical functions of your application are behaving abnormally, or you have a time-sensitive development question)

  • High (Important functions of your production application are impaired or degraded)

  • Urgent (Your business is significantly impacted. Important functions your production application are unavailable)