Aptible is a platform that simplifies the deployment and management of applications, abstracting away the complexities of the underlying infrastructure for development teams. Here are the key features and capabilities that Aptible provides to achieve this:

  1. Simplified and Flexible Deployment: You can deploy your code to app containers in seconds using Aptible. You have the option to deploy via Git or deploy via Docker Image. Define your services and configurations, and let the platform handle the deployment process and provisioning of the underlying infrastructure.
  2. Easy Connectivity: Aptible offers multiple methods for connecting to your deployed applications. Users can access their apps through public URLs, ephemeral sessions, or outbound IP addresses.
  3. Scalability Options: Easily scale an App to add more containers to your application to handle the increased load, or vertically to allocate additional resources like RAM and CPU to meet performance requirements. Aptible offers various container profiles, allowing you to fine-tune resource allocation for optimal performance.
  4. High Availability: Apps hosted on Aptible are designed to maintain high availability. Apps are deployed with zero downtime, and when scaled to two or more containers, the platform automatically distributes them across multiple availability zones.

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