You can share an app’s outbound IP address pool with partners or vendors that use an allowlist.

🧠 Stacks have a single NAT gateway, and all requests originating from an app use the outbound IP addresses associated with that NAT gateway’s IP address.

These IP addresses are different from the IP addresses associated with an app’s Endpoints, which are used for inbound requests.

The outbound IP addresses for an app may change for the following reasons:

  1. Aptible migrates the Environment the app is deployed on to a new stack
  2. Failure of the underlying NAT instance
  3. Failover to minimize downtime during maintenance

In either case, Aptible selects the new IP address from a pool of pre-defined IP addresses associated with the NAT gateway. This set pool will not change without notification from Aptible.

⚠️ For this reason, when sharing IP addresses with vendors or partners for whitelisting, ensure all of the provided outbound IP addresses are whitelisted.

Determining Outbound IP Address Pool

Your outbound IP address pool can be identified by navigating to the Stack with the Aptible Dashboard.