On Aptible, developers can deploy code, and in seconds, the platform will transform their code into app containers with zero-downtime — completely abstracting the complexities of the underlying infrastructure.

Apps are made up of three components:

  • An Image: Deploy directly from a Docker image, or push your code to Aptible with git push and the platform will build a Docker image for you.
  • Services: Services define how many containers Aptible will start for your app, what command they will run, and their Memory and CPU Limits.
  • Configuration (optional): The configuration is a set of keys and values securely passed to the containers as environment variables. For example - secrets are passed as configurations.

Get Started

If you are just getting started, deploy a starter template.

Integrating with CI/CD

Aptible integrates with several continuous integration services to make it easier to deploy on Aptible—whether migrating from another platform or deploying for the first time.