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Log Drains

Log Drains let you route Logs to logging destinations for reviewing, searching, and alerting. Log Drains support capturing logs for Apps, Databases, SSH sessions, and Endpoints.

Types of Log Drains

Creating Log Drains

A Log Drain can be created in three ways on Aptible:

  • Within the Aptible Dashboard by navigating to an Environment > selecting the "Log Drains" tab > selecting "Create Log Drain"

  • Using the respective aptible:log_drain:create command, such as:
    • aptible log_drain:create:datadog
    • aptible log_drain:create:elasticsearch
    • aptible log_drain:create:https
    • aptible log_drain:create:logdna
    • aptible log_drain:create:papertrail
    • aptible log_drain:create:sumlogic
    • aptible log_drain:create:syslog
  • Using the Aptible Terraform Provider

Guides & Examples:

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