Aptible can deliver your logs via Syslog to a destination of your choice. This option makes it easy to use third-party providers such as Logentries or Papertrail with Aptible.

❗️ When sending logs to a third-party provider, make sure your logs don’t include sensitive or regulated information, or that you have the proper agreement in place with your provider.


Syslog Log Drains exclusively support TCP + TLS as the transport. This means you cannot deliver your logs over unencrypted and insecure channels, such as UDP or plaintext TCP.

Logging Tokens

Syslog Log Drains lets you inject a prefix in all your log lines. This is useful with providers such as Logentries, which require a logging token to associate the logs you send with your account.

Get Started

Setting up a logging to Papertrail

Step-by-step instructions on setting up logging to Papertrail