A collective record of operations is referred to as Activity. You can access and review Activity through the following methods:

  1. Activity Dashboard: To view recent operations executed across your entire organization, you can explore the Activity dashboard
  2. Resource-specific activity: To focus on a particular resource, you can locate all associated operations within that resource’s dedicated Activity tab.
  3. Activity reports: You can export comprehensive Activity Reports for all past operations.

Users can only view activity for environments to which they have access.

Activity Dashboard

The Activity dashboard provides a real-time view of operations for active resources in the last seven days. Through the Activity page, you can:

  • View operations for resources you have access to
  • Search operations by resource name, operation type, and user
  • View operation logs for debugging purposes

📘 Tip: Troubleshooting with our team? Link the Aptible Support team to the logs for the operation you are having trouble with.

Activity Reports

Activity Reports provide historical data of all operations in a given environment, including operations executed on resources that were later deleted. These reports are generated on a weekly basis for each environment, and they can be accessed for the duration of the environment’s existence.