Aptible can deliver your logs via HTTPS.

The logs are delivered via HTTPS POST, using a JSON Content-Type.


The payload is structured as follows. New keys may be added over time, and logs from Ephemeral SSH Sessions include additional keys.

  "@timestamp": "2017-01-11T11:11:11.111111111Z",
  "log": "some log line from your app",
  "stream": "stdout",
  "time": "2017-01-11T11:11:11.111111111Z",
  "@version": "1",
  "type": "json",
  "file": "/tmp/dockerlogs/containerId/containerId-json.log",
  "host": "containerId",
  "offset": "123",
  "layer": "app",
  "service": "app-web",
  "app": "app",
  "app_id": "456",
  "source": "app",
  "container": "containerId"

Specific Metadata

Both Ephemeral SSH Sessions and Endpoint Logs contain additional metadata; see the appropriate documentation for further details.

Get Started

Setting up a HTTP Log Drain on Aptible

Step-by-step instructions on setting up logging to an HTTP Log Drain on Aptible