To provide a Procfile or a .aptible.yml when using Direct Docker Image Deploy, you need to include these files in your Docker image at a pre-defined location:

  • The Procfile must be located at /.aptible/Procfile.
  • The .aptible.yml must be located at /.aptible/.aptible.yml.

Both of these files are optional.

Creating a suitable Docker Image

Here is how you can create those files in your Dockerfile, assuming you have files named Procfile and .aptible.yml at the root of your Docker build context:

RUN mkdir /.aptible/
ADD Procfile /.aptible/Procfile
ADD .aptible.yml /.aptible/.aptible.yml

Note that if you are using docker build . to build your image, then the build context is the current directory.


Aptible also supports providing these files through a Companion Git Repository.

However, this approach is much less convenient, so we strongly recommend including the files in the Docker image instead.