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Learn about observability features on Aptible - both from integrations and out-of-the-box solutions


Aptible offers a comprehensive set of observability features designed to provide insights into your apps and databases. These observability tools come in three main categories:

  • Activity: Aptible keeps track of all changes made to your resources as operations and records this as activity. You can explore this activity in the dashboard or share it with Activity Reports.
  • Logs: Aptible's log features ensure you have access to critical information generated by your containers. Logs come in three forms: CLI Logs (for quick access), Log Drains (for search and alerting), and Log Archiving (for business continuity and compliance).
  • Metrics: For real-time performance monitoring of your app and database containers, Aptible provides essential metrics, including memory usage, CPU usage, and disk utilization. These metrics are available as in-app visualizations or sent to a destination for monitoring and alerting.