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Learn about container metrics on Aptible


Aptible provides key metrics for your app and database containers, such as memory, CPU, and disk usage, and provides them in two forms:

  • In-app metrics: Metric visualizations within the Aptible Dashboard, enabling real-time monitoring
  • Metric Drains: Send to a destination of your choice for monitoring, alerting, and long-term retention

Aptible provides in-app metrics conveniently within the Aptible Dashboard. This feature offers real-time monitoring with visualizations for quick insights.

The following metrics are available within the Aptible Dashboard

  • Apps/Services:
    • Memory Usage
    • CPU Usage
    • Load Average
  • Databases:
    • Memory Usage
    • CPU Usage
    • Load Average
    • Disk IO
    • Disk Usage

Accessing in-app metrics

Metrics can be accessed within the Aptible Dashboard by:

  • Selecting the respective app or database
  • Selecting the Metrics tab

Metric Drains

Metric Drains provide a powerful option for routing your metrics data to a destination of your choice for comprehensive monitoring, alerting, and long-term data retention. There are two types of metric drains: