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Git Remote

Apps on Aptible have a unique associated Git Remote.

There are two cases where you'll need to push to your App's Git Remote:

Obtaining your app's git remote

The Git Remote for your apps is available in the Aptible Dashboard, in the header of your App's administration page. It's also presented to you in the CLI when creating an app.

Git Remotes look like this:


Git Authentication

When using git to connect to your App's Git Remote, authentication is performed using SSH public keys.

To be able to push to your App's Git Remote, you will need to first register one or more SSH Public Keys with Aptible.

❗️ Warning
If SSO is enabled for your Aptible organization, attempts to use the git remote will return an App not found or not accessible error. Users will need to be added to the allowlist to access your Organization's resources via git.

SSH Key Fingerprints

Public key fingerprints can be used to validate a connection to a remote server.

These are Aptible's public key fingerprints for the Git server (beta.aptible.com):

  • SHA256:tA38HY1KedlJ2GRnr5iDB8bgJe9OoFOHK+Le1vJC9b0 (RSA)
  • SHA256:FsLUs5U/cZ0nGgvy/OorvGSaLzvLRSAo4+xk6+jNg8k (ECDSA)