With Aptible, you have the option to deploy your code directly from Git using Dockerfile Deploy. This method involves pushing your source code, including a Dockerfile, to Aptible’s Git repository. Aptible will then create a Docker image for you, simplifying the deployment process. This guide will walk you through the steps of using Dockerfile Deploy to deploy your code from Git to Aptible.

Deploying via the Dashboard

The easiest way to deploy with Dockerfile Deploy within the Aptible Dashboard is by deploying a template or custom code using the Deploy tool.

Deploying via the CLI

⚠️ Prerequisites: Install the Aptible CLI

Step 1: Create an app

Use the aptible apps:create to create an app. Note the provided Git Remote. As we advance in this article, we’ll refer to it as $GIT_URL.

Step 2: Create a git repository on your local workstation


git init test-dockerfile-deploy
cd test-dockerfile-deploy

Step 3: Add your Dockerfile in the root of the repository


# Declare a base image:
FROM httpd:alpine

# Tell Aptible this app will be accessible over port 80:

# Tell Aptible to run "httpd -f" to start this app:
CMD ["httpd", "-f"]

Step 4: Deploy to Aptible:

# Commit the Dockerfile
git add Dockerfile
git commit -m "Add a Dockerfile"

# This URL is available in the Aptible Dashboard under "Git Remote".
# You got it after creating your app.
git remote add aptible "$GIT_URL"

# Push to Aptible
git push aptible master

Deploying via Terraform

Dockerfile Deploy is not supported by Terraform. Use Direct Docker Image Deploy with Terraform instead.