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The Dockerfile is a series of instructions that indicate how Docker should build an image for your App when you use Dockerfile Deploy. To build your Dockerfile on Aptible, the file must be named Dockerfile, and located at the root of your repository.

📘 To familiarize yourself with Dockerfiles, we recommend building your App locally using docker build .

Image Build Timeout

If it takes Aptible longer than 30 minutes to build your image from the Dockerfile, the deploy Operation will time out.

📘 If your image takes longer to build, consider using Direct Docker Image Deploy.

Getting started with Dockerfile

Here are a few resources to write your Dockerfile:

  1. We recommend familiarizing yourself with Docker by following parts 1 (Orientation) and 2 (Containers) of Docker's "Get Started" guide
  2. We provide Dockerfile samples in our Quickstart Guides. Check those out next: perhaps we have an example for the language or framework you're using. If not, consider Googling for your app framework + Dockerfile. This will usually yield useful results!
  3. If you're stuck, reach out to Aptible Support: we have accumulated substantial experience helping customers get started with a Dockerfile. We're happy to help you get yours off the ground!