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Learn about navigating the Aptible Dashboard


The Aptible Dashboard allows you to create, view, and manage your Aptible account, including resources, deployments, members, settings, and more.

Getting Started

When you first sign up for Aptible, you will first be guided through your first deployment using one of our starter templates or your own custom code. Once you’ve done so, you will be routed to your account within Aptible Dashboard.

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An overview of the Aptible Dashboard, featuring the “Apps” page

Organization Selector

The organization selector enables you to switch between different Aptible accounts you belong to.

The global search feature enables you to search for all resources in your Aptible account. You can search by resource type, name, or ID, for the resources that you have access to.

Resource pages

The Aptible Dashboard is organized to provide a view of resources categorized by type: stacks, environments, apps, databases, and endpoints. On each resource page, you have the ability to:

  • View the active resources to which you have access to with details such as estimated cost
  • Search for resources by name or ID
  • Create new resources
🔗 Learn more about resources 🔗 View resources in the dashboard


The Deployments page provides a view of all deployments initiated through the Deploy tool in the Aptible Dashboard. This view includes both successful deployments and those that are currently pending.

🔗 Learn more about deployments
🔗 View deployments in the dashboard


The Activity page provides a real-time view of operations in the last seven days. Through the Activity page, you can:

  • View operations for resources you have access to
  • Search operations by resource name, operation type, and user
  • View operation logs for debugging purposes
📘 Tip: Troubleshooting with our team? Link the Aptible Support team to the logs for the operation you are having trouble with
🔗 Learn more about activity
🔗 View activity in the dashboard

Security & Compliance

The Security & Compliance Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of the security controls that Aptible fully enforces and manages on your behalf and additional configurations you can implement. Through the Security & Compliance Dashboard, you can:

  • Review your overall compliance score or scores for specific frameworks like HIPAA and HITRUST
  • Review the details and status of all available controls
  • Share and export a summarized report
🔗 Learn more about the Security & Compliance dashboard
🔗 View Security & Compliance Dashboard in the dashboard

Deploy Tool

The Deploy tool offers a guided experience to deploy code to a new Aptible environment. Through the Deploy tool, you can:

  • Configure your new environment
  • Deploy a starter template or your custom code
  • Easily provision the necessary resources for your code: apps, databases, and endpoints
🔗 Learn about deploying with starter template 🔗 Deploy from the dashboard


The Settings Dashboard allows you to view and manage organization and personal settings. Through the Settings Dashboard, you can:

  • Manage organization settings, such as:
    • Creating and managing members
    • Viewing and managing billing information
    • Managing permissions
📘  Most organization settings can only be viewed and managed by Account Owners. See Roles & Permissions for more information.
  • Manage personal settings, such as:
    • Editing your profile details
    • Creating and managing SSH Keys
    • Managing your Security Settings


The Support tool empowers you to get help using the Aptible platform. With this tool, you can:

  • Create a ticket with the Aptible Support team
  • View recommended documentation related to your request