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Learn about the key components of the Aptible platform architecture and how they work together to help you deploy and manage your resources


Aptible is an AWS-based container orchestration platform designed for deploying highly available and secure applications and databases to cloud environments. It is compromised of several key components:

  • Stacks: Stacks are fundamental to the network-level isolation of your resources. The underlying virtualized infrastructure (EC2 instances, private network, etc.), provides network-level isolation of resources. Each stack is hosted in a specific region and is comprised of environments. Aptible offers shared stacks (non-isolated) and dedicated stacks (isolated). Dedicated stacks automatically come with a suite of security features, including encryption, DDoS protection, host hardening, intrusion detection, and vulnerability scanning — alleviating the need to worry about security best practices.
  • Environments: Environments determine the logical isolation of your resources. Environments help you maintain a clear separation between development, testing, and production resources, ensuring that changes in one environment do not affect others.
  • Containers: Containers are at the heart of how your resources, such as apps and databases, are deployed on the Aptible platform. Containers can be easily scaled up or down to meet the needs of your application, making it simple to manage resource allocation.
  • Endpoints (Load Balancers) allow you to expose your resources to the internet and are responsible for distributing incoming traffic across your containers. They act as load balancers to ensure high availability and reliability for your applications. See App Endpoints and Database Endpoints for more information.
🧠 Need a visual? Check our our Aptible Architecture Diagram


How does the Aptible platform/architecture compare to Kubernetes?

Aptible is a custom-built container orchestration solution designed to streamline deploying, managing, and scaling infrastructure scaling, much like Kubernetes. However, Aptible distinguishes itself by being developed in-house with a strong focus on security, compliance, and reliability. This focus stemmed from our original mission to automate HIPAA compliance. As a result, Aptible has evolved into a platform for engineering teams of all sizes, ensuring private, fully secure, and compliant deployments - without the added complexities of Kubernetes.

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Moreover, Aptible goes beyond basic orchestration functionalities by providing additional features such as managed databases, a 99.95% uptime guarantee, and enterprise-level support for engineering teams of all sizes.