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Custom Domain

Using a Custom Domain with an Endpoint, you can send traffic from your own domain to your Apps running on Aptible.

Endpoint Hostname

When you set up an Endpoint using a Custom Domain, Aptible will provide you with an Endpoint Hostname of the form elb-XXX.aptible.in.

You should not send traffic directly to the Endpoint Hostname. Instead, to finish setting up your Endpoint, create a CNAME from your own domain to the Endpoint Hostname.

📘 The following things are not Endpoint Hostnames:
app.your-domain.io: this is your Custom Domain
app-123.on-aptible.com: this is a Default Domain.
In contrast, this is an Endpoint Hostname:
❗️ Do not create a DNS A record mapping directly to the IP addresses for an Aptible Endpoint, or use the Endpoint IP addresses directly: those IP addresses change periodically, so your records and configuration would eventually go stale.
❗️You can't create a CNAME for a domain apex (i.e. you can create a CNAME from app.foo.com, but you can't create one from foo.com).
If you'd like to point your domain apex at an Aptible Endpoint, review the instructions here: How do I use my domain apex with Aptible?.

SSL / TLS Certificate

For Endpoints that require SSL / TLS Certificates, you have two options:

  • Bring your own Custom Certificate: in this case, you're responsible for making sure the certificate you use is valid for the domain name you're using.
  • Use Managed TLS: in this case, you'll have to provide Aptible with the domain name you plan to use, and Aptible will take care of certificate provisioning and renewal for you.