Aptible considers any containerized apps, databases, and their associated endpoints across different Aptible environments hosted on your Shared and Dedicated Stacks and users with access to these workloads. Aptible tests each resource for various security controls Aptible has identified as per our division of responsibilities.

Aptible splits security controls across different categories that pertain to various pieces of an organization’s overall security posture. These categories include:

  • Access Management
  • Auditing
  • Business Continuity
  • Encryption
  • Network Protection
  • Platform Security
  • Vulnerability Management

Every control tests for security safeguard implementation for specific resources in scope. For example, the Multi-factor Authentication control tests for the activation and enforcement of MFA/2FA on the account level, whereas a control like Cross-region backups is applied on the database level, testing whether or not you’ve enabled the auto-creation of geographically redundant copy of each database backup for disaster recovery purposes.

You can see resources in scope by clicking on a control of interest.