The Aptible Security & Compliance Dashboard provides a unified, easy-to-consume view of all the security controls Aptible fully enforces and manages on your behalf, as well as the configurations you manage on Aptible that can affect the security of your apps, databases, and endpoints hosted on the platform.

Security controls are safeguards implemented to protect various forms of data and infrastructure that are important for compliance satisfaction and general best-practice security.

You can use the Security & Compliance Dashboard to review the implementation details and the performance of the various security controls implemented on Aptible. Based on the performance of these controls, the Dashboard also provides you with actionable recommendations around control implementations you can configure for your hosted resources on the platform to improve your overall security posture and accelerate compliance with relevant frameworks like HIPAA and HITRUST.

Apart from being visualized in this Aptible Dashboard, you can export these controls as a print-friendly PDF to share externally with prospects and auditors to gain their trust and confidence faster. Access the Dashboard by logging into your Aptible account and clicking the Security and Compliance tab in the navigation bar.

Each control comes with a description to give your teams an overview of what the safeguard entails and an auditor-friendly description to share externally during compliance audits. You can find these descriptions by clicking on any control from the list in the Security & Compliance Dashboard.