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Using `aptible deploy`

In the example below, $DOCKER_IMAGE is the name of the image you'd like to deploy, including its repository and tag. In other words, it should be the same argument you'd pass to docker run, docker pull, or docker push.

As for $APP_HANDLE, it's the name of the app you'd like to deploy to.

aptible deploy --app "$APP_HANDLE" \
        --docker-image "$DOCKER_IMAGE"

If your image is private, provide credentials:

aptible deploy --app "$APP_HANDLE" \
        --docker-image "$DOCKER_IMAGE" \
        --private-registry-username "$USERNAME" \
        --private-registry-password "$PASSWORD"

After you've deployed using aptible deploy, if you update your image, or would like to deploy a different image, just use aptible deploy again (if your Docker image's name hasn't changed, you don't even need to pass the --docker-image argument again).

📘 If you are migrating from Dockerfile Deploy, you should also add the --git-detach flag to this command the first time you deploy. See Migrating from Dockerfile Deploy for more information.