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Aptible deploys resources on a Stack, the underlying virtualized infrastructure (EC2 instances, private network, etc.), which provides network-level isolation of resources. Resources in different Stacks can only connect with each other with a Network Integration. For example:

  • Databases deployed in a given Stack are not accessible from Apps deployed in other Stacks
  • Internal Endpoints in a given Stack are not accessible from Apps deployed in other Stacks

Stacks can contain one or more Environments.

Types of Stacks

Shared Stacks

Stacks shared across many customers are called Shared Stacks. Use Shared Stacks for development, testing, and staging Environments. Shared Stacks are available in several popular regions.

❗️Do not use Shared Stacks to host sensitive or regulated data.

Dedicated Stacks

🏳️ Dedicated Stacks are only available on the Scale and Enterprise plans.

Dedicated Stacks are built for production Environments, are dedicated to a single customer, and provide four significant benefits:

  • Tenancy - Dedicated Stacks are isolated from other Deploy customers, and you can also use multiple Dedicated Stacks to architect the isolation you require within your organization.
  • Availability - Aptible's Service Level Agreement applies only to Environments hosted on a Dedicated Stack.
  • Regulatory - Aptible will sign a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement or GDPR Data Protection Agreement to cover information processing in Environments hosted on a Dedicated Stack.
  • Connectivity - Integrations, such as VPN and VPC Peering connections, are available only to Dedicated Stacks.

Supported Regions

Aptible deploys Stacks in the following Regions:

  • Available on Dedicated Stacks & Shared Stacks:
    • us-east-1 / US East (N. Virginia)
    • us-west-1 / US West (N. California)
    • eu-central-1 / Europe (Frankfurt)
    • ap-southeast-2 / Asia Pacific (Sydney)
    • ca-central-1 / Canada (Central)
    • ap-south-1 / Asia Pacific (Mumbai)
  • Available on Dedicated Stacks only:
    • us-east-2 / US East (Ohio)
    • us-west-2 / US West (Oregon)
    • sa-east-1 / South America (São Paulo)
    • eu-west-1 / Europe (Ireland)
    • eu-west-2 / Europe (London)
    • eu-west-3 / Europe (Paris)
    • ap-northeast-1 / Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
    • ap-northeast-2 / Asia Pacific (Seoul)
    • ap-southeast-1 / Asia Pacific (Singapore)
📘 A Stack's Region will affect the latency of customer connections based on proximity. For VPC Peering, deploy the Aptible Stack in the same region as the AWS VPC for both latency and DNS concerns.

Creating Stacks

Shared Stacks can only be provisioned from the Aptible Dashboard by:

  • Selecting Create Environment
  • Selecting Shared Tenancy

Dedicated Stacks can only be provisioned by contacting Aptible Support.

Deprovisoning Stacks

Stacks can only be deprovisioned by contacting Aptible Support. All the Environments and respective resources within that Stack must be deprovisioned before this can be completed.