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Mezmo Integration

Learn about sending Aptible logs to Mezmo


Mezmo, formerly known as LogDNA, is a cloud-based platform for log management and analytics. With Aptible's integration, you can send logs directly to Mezmo for analysis and storage.

Set up

⚠️ Prerequisites: A Mezmo account

Step 1: Configure your Mezmo account for Aptible Log Ingestion

Refer to the Mezmo documentation for setting up Aptible Log Ingestion on Mezmo.

Note: Like all Aptible Log Drain providers, Mezmo also offers Business Associate Agreements (BAAs). To ensure HIPAA compliance, please contact them to execute a BAA.

Step 2: Configure your Aptible Log Drain You can send your Aptible logs directly to Mezmo with a log drain. A Mezmo/LogDNA Log Drain can be created in the following ways on Aptible:

  • Within the Aptible Dashboard by:
    • Navigating to an Environment
    • Selecting the Log Drains tab
    • Selecting Create Log Drain
    • Selecting Mezmo
    • Entering your Mezmo URL
Mezmo Integration