Sumo Logic is a cloud-based log management and analytics platform. Aptible integrates with Sumo Logic, allowing logs to be sent directly to Sumo Logic for analysis and storage.

Sumo Logic signs BAAs and thus is a reliable log drain option for HIPAA compliance.

Set up

 Prerequisites: A Sumo Logic account

You can send your Aptible logs directly to Sumo Logic with a log drain. A Sumo Logic log drain can be created in the following ways on Aptible:

  • Within the Aptible Dashboard by:
    • Navigating to an Environment
    • Selecting the Log Drains tab
    • Selecting Create Log Drain
    • Selecting Sumo Logic
    • Filling the URL by creating a new Hosted Collector in Sumologic using an HTTP source
  • Using the aptible log_drain:create:sumologic command