Learn how to manually scale apps and services on Aptible


Apps can be scaled on a Service-by-Service basis: any given Service for your App can be scaled independently of others.

Using the Dashboard

  • Within the Aptible Dashboard apps and services can be manually scaled by:

    • Navigating to the Environment in which your App lives

    • Selecting the Apps tab

    • Selecting the respective App

    • Selecting Scale

Using the CLI

Apps and services can be manually scaled via the Aptible CLI using the aptible apps:scale command.

Using Terraform

Apps and services can be scaled programmatically via Aptible Terraform Provider by using the nested service element for the App resource:

resource "aptible_app" "APP" {
    env_id = ENVIRONMENT_ID
    handle = "APP_HANDLE"
    service {
        process_type = "SERVICE_NAME1"
        container_count = 1
        container_memory_limit = 1024
    service {
        process_type = "SERVICE_NAME2"
        container_count = 2
        container_memory_limit = 2048