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Environments live within Stacks and provide logical isolation of resources. Environments on the same Stack share networks and underlying hosts.

User Permissions, Activity Reports, and Database Backup Retention Policies are also managed on the Environment level.

📘 You may want to consider having your production Environments in separate Stacks from staging, testing, and development Environments to ensure network-level isolation.

Creating Environments

An Environment can be created in two ways on Aptible:

  • Within the Aptible Dashboard by:
    • Selecting Create Environment

Deleting/Deprovisioning Environments

An Environment can only be deprovisioned from the Dashboard by navigating to the given Environment > Selecting the "Deprovision" tab.

An Environment can only successfully be deprovisioned once all of the resources within that Environment have been deprovisioned. The following documentation describes how to deprovision each type of resource.

⚠️ Ensure you understand the impact of deprovisioning each resource type and make any necessary preparations, such as exporting Database data, before proceeding.

Migrating Environments

It is possible to migrate environments from one Stack to another so long as both stacks are in the same Region. It is not possible to migrate environments from a stack in us-west-1 to a stack in us-west-2 for example. If you would like to migrate environments between stacks in the same region, please contact Aptible Support with details on the environment name and the stacks to and from which you want the environment migrated.