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How to deploy via Docker Image

Learn how to deploy your code to Aptible from a Docker Image


Aptible lets you deploying via Docker image. Additionally, Aptible's Terraform Provider currently only supports this deployment method.

This guide will cover the process for deploying via Docker image to Aptible via the CLI, Terraform, or CI/CD.

Deploying via the CLI

⚠️ Prerequisites: Install the Aptible CLI

01: Create an app

Use the aptible apps:create to create an app. Note the handle you give to the app. We'll refer to it as $APP_HANDLE.

02: Deploy a Docker image to your app

Use the aptible deploy command to deploy a public Docker image to your app like so:

aptible deploy --app "$APP_HANDLE" \
        --docker-image httpd:alpine

After you've deployed using aptible deploy, if you update your image or would like to deploy a different image, use aptible deploy again (if your Docker image's name hasn't changed, you don't even need to pass the --docker-image argument again).

📘 If you are migrating from Dockerfile Deploy, you should also add the --git-detach flag to this command the first time you deploy. See Migrating from Dockerfile Deploy for more information.

Deploying via Terraform

⚠️ Prerequisites: Install the Aptible CLI and the Terraform CLI

01: Create an app

Apps can be created using the terraform aptible_app resource.

resource "aptible_app" "APP" {
    env_id = ENVIRONMENT_ID
    handle = "APP_HANDLE"

Step 2: Deploy a Docker Image

Set your Docker repo with the registry username and registry password as the configuration variables: APTIBLE_DOCKER_IMAGEAPTIBLE_PRIVATE_REGISTRY_USERNAME, and APTIBLE_PRIVATE_REGISTRY_PASSWORD.

resource "aptible_app" "APP" {
    env_id = ENVIRONMENT_ID
    handle = "APP_HANDLE"
    config = {
        "KEY" = "value"
        "APTIBLE_DOCKER_IMAGE" = "quay.io/aptible/deploy-demo-app"
        "APTIBLE_PRIVATE_REGISTRY_USERNAME" = "registry_username"
        "APTIBLE_PRIVATE_REGISTRY_PASSWORD" = "registry_password"
📘 Please ensure you have the correct image, username, and password set every time you run. terraform apply See Terraform's refresh Terraform configuration documentation for more infromation

Deploying via CI/CD

See related guide: How to deploy to Aptible with CI/CD