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How to create an app

Learn how to create an app

❗️Apps handles cannot start with "internal-" because applications with that prefix cannot have Endpoints

Using the Dashboard

Apps can be created/provisioned within the Dashboard the following ways:

  • Using the Deploy tool will automatically create a new app in a new environment as you deploy your code
  • From the Environment by:
    • Navigating to the respective Environment
    • Selecting the Apps tab
    • Selecting Create App

Using the CLI

Apps can be created/provsioned via the Aptible CLI by using the aptible apps:create command.

aptible apps:create HANDLE

Using Terraform

Apps can be created/provsioned via the Aptible Terraform Provider by using the terraform_aptible_app resource.

data "aptible_app" "APP" {
    handle = "APP_HANDLE"