Learn about scaling apps horizontally and vertically


Apps can be manually scaled on a Service-by-Service basis: any given Service for your App can be scaled independently of others.

Like all Releases, when Apps are scaled, a new set of Containers will be launched to replace the existing ones for each of your App’s Services.

Horizontal Scaling

Scale Apps horizontally by adding more Containers to a given Service. Services scale up to 32 Containers.

High-availability Apps

🏳️ High Availability Apps are only available on the Growth, Scale, and Enterprise plans.

Apps scaled to 2 or more Containers are automatically deployed in a high-availability configuration, with Containers deployed in separate AWS Availability Zones.

Vertical Scaling

Scale Apps vertically by changing the size of Containers, i.e., changing their Memory Limits and CPU Limits. The available sizes are determined by the Container Profile.

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