Aptible automatically handles configuring and managing of Databases - scaling, in-place upgrades, backups, database replication, network isolation, encryption, and more.

Scaling Databases

Databases RAM/CPU, Disk, IOPS, and throughput can be scaled on-demand with minimal downtime (typically less than 1 minute).

Refer to Database Scaling for more information.

Upgrading Databases

Aptible supports various methods for upgrading Databases - such as dump and restore, logical replication, and in-place upgrades.

Refer to Database Upgrades for more information.

Backing up Databases

Aptible provides Automatic Backups of your Databases every 24 hours and a range of other backup options. All Backups are compressed and encrypted for maximum security and efficiency.

Refer to Database Backups for more information.

Replicating Databases

Aptible simplifies Database replication (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis) and clustering (MongoDB) databases in high-availability setups by automatically deploying the Database Containers across different Availability Zones (AZ).

Refer to Database Replication and Clustering for more information.

Encrypting Databases

Aptible has built-in Database Encryption that applies to all Databases as well as the option to configure additional Custom Database EncryptionApplication-Level Encryption may also be used.

Refer to Database Encryption for more information.

Restarting Databases

Databases can be restarted in the following ways:

  • Using the aptible db:restart command if you are also resizing the Database
  • Using the aptible db:reload command if you are not resizing the Database
    • Note: this command is faster to execute than aptible db:restart
  • Within the Aptible Dashboard, by:
    • Navigating to the database
    • Selecting the Settings tab
    • Selecting Restart

Renaming Databases

A Database can be renamed in the following ways:

For the change to take effect, the Database must be restarted.

Deprovisioning Databases

A Database can be provisioned in the following ways:

When a Database is deprovisioned, its Database Backups are automatically purged per the Environment’s Backup Retention Policy.

Restoring Databases

A deprovisioned Database can be restored from a Backup as a new Database. The resulting Database will have the same data, username, and password as the original when the Backup was taken. Any Database Endpoints or Replicas will have to be recreated.

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