Aptible Toolbelt

A command-line interface for your Aptible services


Download the macOS binary.


Download the Windows binary.


Download a binary for Ubuntu 14.04 or 16.04


Download a binary for Debian 7 or 8

Enterprise Linux

Download a binary for Enterprise Linux 6 or 7

Download Aptible Toolbelt for macOS

Download v0.15.2 for macOS

Installation Instructions

When the download completes, use your package manager (graphical or command line) and install the package. You'll need to use sudo to elevate your permissions.
  • Ubuntu 14.04 https://omnibus-aptible-toolbelt.s3.amazonaws.com/aptible/omnibus-aptible-toolbelt/master/168/pkg/aptible-toolbelt_0.15.2%2B20171208092232%7Eubuntu.14.04-1_amd64.deb
  • Ubuntu 16.04 https://omnibus-aptible-toolbelt.s3.amazonaws.com/aptible/omnibus-aptible-toolbelt/master/168/pkg/aptible-toolbelt_0.15.2%2B20171208092333%7Eubuntu.16.04-1_amd64.deb

Installation Instructions

When the download completes, use your package manager (graphical or command line) and install the package. You'll need to use sudo to elevate your permissions.
  • Debian 7 https://omnibus-aptible-toolbelt.s3.amazonaws.com/aptible/omnibus-aptible-toolbelt/master/168/pkg/aptible-toolbelt_0.15.2%2B20171208092224%7Edebian.7.11-1_amd64.deb
  • Debian 8 https://omnibus-aptible-toolbelt.s3.amazonaws.com/aptible/omnibus-aptible-toolbelt/master/168/pkg/aptible-toolbelt_0.15.2%2B20171208092232%7Edebian.8.6-1_amd64.deb

Installation Instructions

When the download completes, use your package manager (graphical or command line) and install the package. You'll need to use sudo to elevate your permissions.
  • EL 6 https://omnibus-aptible-toolbelt.s3.amazonaws.com/aptible/omnibus-aptible-toolbelt/master/168/pkg/aptible-toolbelt-0.15.2%2B20171208093128%7Ecentos.6.8-1.el6.x86_64.rpm
  • EL 7 https://omnibus-aptible-toolbelt.s3.amazonaws.com/aptible/omnibus-aptible-toolbelt/master/168/pkg/aptible-toolbelt-0.15.2%2B20171208093152%7Ecentos.7.2.1511-1.el7.x86_64.rpm

Download Aptible Toolbelt for Windows

Download v0.15.2 for Windows
Requires 64 bit Windows 8.1 or greater or 64 bit Windows Server 2012r2 or greater

Getting Started

Logging In

Once installed, you'll have access to the aptible command from your command shell. Log in using the email address and password you used when creating your Aptible account:

$ aptible login
Email: skylar@aptible.com
2FA Token: 555999
Success! Token written to $HOME/.aptible/tokens.json

Getting Started

Create an App

You're now ready to create your first Aptible app. Use the aptible apps:create command to create an app. Once the app is created, you’ll be shown a git remote you can push your app to.

$ aptible apps:create healthco-on-rails
healthco-on-rails created successfully!
git remote:

Full CLI Command Reference

$ aptible help
  aptible apps
  aptible apps:create HANDLE
  aptible apps:deprovision
  aptible apps:scale SERVICE [--container-count COUNT] [--container-size SIZE_MB]
  aptible backup:list DB_HANDLE
  aptible backup:restore BACKUP_ID [--environment ENVIRONMENT_HANDLE] [--handle HANDLE] [--container-size SIZE_MB] [--size SIZE_GB]
  aptible config
  aptible config:add
  aptible config:rm
  aptible config:set
  aptible config:unset
  aptible db:backup HANDLE
  aptible db:clone SOURCE DEST
  aptible db:create HANDLE [--type TYPE] [--version VERSION] [--container-size SIZE_MB] [--size SIZE_GB]
  aptible db:deprovision HANDLE
  aptible db:dump HANDLE
  aptible db:execute HANDLE SQL_FILE
  aptible db:list
  aptible db:reload HANDLE
  aptible db:restart HANDLE [--container-size SIZE_MB] [--size SIZE_GB]
  aptible db:tunnel HANDLE
  aptible db:url HANDLE
  aptible db:versions
  aptible deploy [OPTIONS] [VAR1=VAL1] [VAR=VAL2] ...
  aptible domains
  aptible endpoints:database:create DATABASE
  aptible endpoints:deprovision [--app APP | --database DATABASE] ENDPOINT_HOSTNAME
  aptible endpoints:https:create [--app APP] SERVICE
  aptible endpoints:https:modify [--app APP] ENDPOINT_HOSTNAME
  aptible endpoints:list [--app APP | --database DATABASE]
  aptible endpoints:renew [--app APP] ENDPOINT_HOSTNAME
  aptible endpoints:tcp:create [--app APP] SERVICE
  aptible endpoints:tcp:modify [--app APP] ENDPOINT_HOSTNAME
  aptible endpoints:tls:create [--app APP] SERVICE
  aptible endpoints:tls:modify [--app APP] ENDPOINT_HOSTNAME
  aptible help [COMMAND]
  aptible login
  aptible logs [--app APP | --database DATABASE]
  aptible operation:cancel OPERATION_ID
  aptible ps
  aptible rebuild
  aptible restart
  aptible services
  aptible ssh [COMMAND]
  aptible version
# List all applications
# Create a new application
# Deprovision an app
# Scale a service
# List backups for a database
# Restore a backup
# Print an app's current configuration
# Add an ENV variable to an app
# Remove an ENV variable from an app
# Alias for config:add
# Alias for config:rm
# Backup a database
# Clone a database to create a new one
# Create a new database
# Deprovision a database
# Dump a remote database to file
# Executes sql against a database
# List all databases
# Reload a database
# Restart a database
# Create a local tunnel to a database
# Display a database URL
# List available database versions
# Deploy an app
# Print an app's current virtual domains - DEPRECATED
# Create a Database Endpoint
# Deprovision an App or Database Endpoint
# Create an App HTTPS Endpoint
# Modify an App HTTPS Endpoint
# List Endpoints for an App or Database
# Renew an App Managed TLS Endpoint
# Create an App TCP Endpoint
# Modify an App TCP Endpoint
# Create an App TLS Endpoint
# Modify an App TLS Endpoint
# Describe available commands or one specific command
# Log in to Aptible
# Follows logs from a running app or database
# Cancel a running operation
# Display running processes for an app - DEPRECATED
# Rebuild an app, and restart its services
# Restart all services associated with an app
# List Services for an App
# Run a command against an app
# Print Aptible CLI version

Toolbelt Support

Additional documentation

Aptible Toolbelt on GitHub

The Aptible Toolbelt is open source and available on GitHub