Success Stories

Our Customers
“Within seconds of connecting our SaaS systems to Comply we were generating artifacts which were automatically applied to our SOC 2 and ISO 27001 controls to use in our audits.“
Data Republic used Aptible Comply to prepare and execute a flawless audit in weeks, not months.
Richard Lane, Head of Security and Risk


“When I saw the product I almost got misty-eyed. I've been in the space for over 20 years and this is the product I have been wanting my whole career.”
Jen Brown, Senior Compliance Manager & Data Protection Officer


“Aptible helped us immediately cut our sales cycle in half and win 5 more enterprise deals in our first quarter as a customer.“
Dean Ryan, CEO


“What I really wanted at QuadPay, where security is of tantamount importance, was to have something that was comprehensive, followed best practices, and could actually be implemented across an organization at scale.”
Ian Yamey, CTO


“Our software is used by Fortune 100 companies, which means completing time-consuming vendor security assessments. Comply has helped us prepare for ISO 27001 certification, which is helping our team take a 'preemptive strike' against VSAs and shorten the enterprise sales cycle.”
Joe Rettenmyer, VP of Engineering


“Being able to launch and scale (just by toggling option in the admin panel) is really exciting. It’s not just that it frees me up from working on security and compliance. It frees me up from worrying about them.”
Virta uses Aptible to easily fulfill compliance requirements and maintain security so its team can stay focused on delivering a personalized clinic experience.
Justin Ryan, DevOps Engineer


“We needed a solution that would help us automate our vendor management process and reduce the level of effort needed to determine vendor risk. Aptible Comply has helped us do that and put our vendor management on rails.”
Scott Eigenhuis, Head of Security


“When I first learned about Aptible, I had never been so excited about security work.”
PathAI used Aptible to design a Security Management program and get ISO 27001 certified months ahead of schedule.
Joe Adu, Director of Technology


“We want our end users to know we take security integrity very seriously. With Aptible, we were able to secure our SOC 2 audit very quickly and we have a fleshed out plan for Security Management”
Fortmatic used Aptible Comply to build their Security Management program and secure their SOC 2 audit in a fraction of the time.
Arthur Jen, Co-Founder


“Aptible has been a true partner in getting us ready for both our SOC 2 and ISO 27001 audits. We’ve performed our gap analysis from SOC to ISO and are saving time by collecting evidence once to use towards both certifications. They helped us get the integrations we needed setup so we could automate populating inventory assets and collecting evidence.“
Richard Lane, Head of Security and Risk


Able Health
“Our team couldn’t relate to what we had pieced together (with different systems, sources, and spreadsheets.) We needed something that was tailored to us.”
Able Health chose Aptible to ensure HIPAA compliance and meet the highest standards for security and privacy for their customers.
Steve Daniels, Co-founder and President


Customer Empowerment

Our customers' stories give life to our mission of building trust on the internet by empowering teams. In that endeavor, we have a few signposts that guide our decision-making, and help make us trusted advisors for our clients.

Customer empowerment happens on every level

We think of customer success in terms of empowerment and growth through self-improvement, which makes it easy to have a deep passion for that success. We want to see our customers grow into mature teams that excel at protecting data.

We'll share our knowledge even if you're not a customer

Our customers value being lean; doing more with less time and money, and fewer people. Our products give them do just that by making complex processes simple and safe. With Comply, our customers can launch an enterprise-grade compliance program without a CISO or security department. With Deploy, our customers get a secure, highly-available, fault-tolerant infrastructure without the overhead of a DevOps team.

We give away knowledge over swag

We help our customers by solving hard problems in multiple domains. Our customers look to us as guides, and we weave our deep legal and technical experience into our software and services. Our products teach you how to get better as you use them.

The customer is not always right

Sometimes we tell customers things they don’t want to hear, to help them improve. We think about empowerment across the entire team, not just product: In our marketing, we’re more likely to give away knowledge than swag. In sales, we always try to answer substantive questions and provide a roadmap for prospects, even if they don’t buy.