Aptible Databases can be manually scaled with minimal downtime (typically less than 1 minute). There are several elements of databases that can be scaled, such as CPU, RAM, IOPS, and throughput. See Database Scaling for more information.

Using the Aptible Dashboard

Databases can be scaled within the Aptible Dashboard by:

  • Navigating to the Environment in which your Database lives in

  • Selecting the Databases tab

  • Selecting the respective Database

  • Selecting Scale

Using the CLI

Databases can be scaled via the Aptible CLI using the aptible db:restart command.

Using Terraform

Databases can be programmatically scaled using the Aptible Terraform Provider using the terraform_aptible_database resource:

 resource "aptible_database" "DATABASE" {
    env_id = ENVIRONMENT_ID
    handle = "DATABASE_HANDLE"
    database_type = "redis"
    container_size = 512
    disk_size = 10