Aptible Pricing

Simple, transparent, scalable

Container orchestration platform with built-in security and compliance
$500 Credit Included
Development Account
Shared Stack
$0/month base fee, no commitment.

Your first $500 of resources is on us. Just pay for what you use after that.

Production Account
Dedicated Stack
$999/month base fee with annual commitment ($1,299/month with no commitment)
Just pay for additional usage as you go.
  • 6 GB App/DB Container RAM
  • 1 TB encrypted Database Disk, including automatic backups
  • 4 TLS Endpoints

Enclave Resource Pricing
App + Database Containers
Encrypted Disk
TLS Endpoints

Managed HIDS
$0.02/container GB/hour
Enclave Pricing Calculator
Security and compliance management for software development teams
Starting at $2,499/month with annual contract
  • First compliance protocol (HIPAA, SOC 2, or ISO 27001)
  • 2 Admin seats for security leads
  • 10 Advanced seats for developers, ops team members
  • 20 Basic seats for normal workforce members
Basic Seat
Advanced Seat
Admin Seat
Additional Protocol
Need More?
Custom contracts, audit assistance, and volume pricing available.
Why do customers choose Enclave?

For new projects, setting up a secure deployment environment that can handle sensitive data (PII, PHI, credit card numbers, SSNs, financial data, etc.) takes a lot of work: initial decision-making, initial implementation, and continued upkeep.

Enclave is a developer-friendly container orchestration platform that automatically implements the security controls needed for deploying and scaling Dockerized apps in regulated industries. Enclave reduces the time, cost, and risk related to securing data so that you can focus on building a great app.

Features like database log streaming, Managed HTTPS, zero-downtime deploys, container metrics, managed VPNs, and seamless Gridiron integration make Enclave the best choice for engineering teams that need to move fast and not break things.

Why do customers choose Gridiron?

Meeting the requirements for HIPAA, ISO 27001, or SOC 2 means investing in more than just ensuring your application protects sensitive data.

Gridiron is the easiest way for developers to build and run a comprehensive security program, covering both the technical and administrative aspects of compliance. Gridiron turns information security requirements into repeatable processes while managing all the documentation required to demonstrate that you're complying with regulatory or customer requirements.

Gridiron identifies relevant risks, drafts custom policies and procedures featuring appropriate administrative controls, and automates the process of training your team on your security program and the fundamental aspects of data security and compliance. All of this makes Gridiron the best choice for engineering teams who need to ensure company-wide compliance with the requirements of HIPAA, SOC 2, and ISO 27001.