Fully-managed cloud application security
and compliance

All the features you need to keep your app secured, without any of the added work.

Cloud app security and compliance dashboard

What is cloud application security?

Cloud application security refers to the strategies, tools, and procedures implemented to protect data and applications hosted in cloud environments from cyber threats and unauthorized access.

Prove compliance and pass security audits

Cloud security platform Aptible

Aptible saves you valuable engineering time by implementing and managing the operation of all the infrastructure security controls required to satisfy a variety of regulations and security frameworks such as HIPAA, HITRUST, and SOC 2 Type 2. Using Aptible means you'll be compliant and audit-ready from day one.

Deploy a HIPAA-compliant app

Aptible's HIPAA-compliant App and Database hosting frees your engineering team to focus on innovation—and not compliance—by providing you with all of the security and compliance controls required to safely store or process HIPAA-protected health information.

Accelerate your HITRUST CSF certification

Get to HITRUST Audit-Readiness faster by hosting your Application and Database on an Aptible Dedicated Stack. Once deployed on Aptible, you automatically inherit dozens of security controls from Aptible's own HITRUST CSF Validated Assessment.

Get SOC 2 type 2 certified

Accelerate your time to SOC 2 audit-readiness by using Aptible to host your application and database infrastructure. Once deployed on Aptible, passing your SOC 2 audit is faster than ever as your security team will enjoy easy access to Aptible's infrastructure control monitoring and evidence.

Security and compliance dashboard

A Readiness Dashboard provides continuous evidence of your infrastructure's security and compliance. And you can generate a Security Summary Report that details the design and performance of your infrastructure security controls.

Harden your network security

Launch your web applications and APIs in a network that's fully protected through a series of mechanisms and controls thoughtfully implemented for defense-in-depth network security.

Secure cloud hosting on dedicated or shared infrastructure

Automate vulnerability management

Aptible's built-in and fully managed network and Host Vulnerability Management removes the work of architecting your infrastructure for secure development, and abstracts away the drudgery of constantly scanning and remediating your host and network for vulnerabilities.

Automate vulnerability management

Elegant IAM with granular permissions

Aptible minimizes access issues and protects user accounts by simplifying access management of your infrastructure.

Elegant IAM with granular permissions

Secured by Aptible

Aptible ensures cloud application security by implementing all of the rigorous infrastructure security controls required to comply with regulatory frameworks and pass security audits. See the full list of security and availability controls provided by Aptible directly or through our infrastructure provider, AWS.

HIPAA CompliantHITRUST CompliantHIPAA + HITRUST CompliantSOC 2 Type 2 Compliant