Announcing Aptible’s $12 million Series A funding!

Chas Ballew
Chas Ballew
Product & Engineering

I’m happy to announce that Aptible raised a Series A led by Maverick Ventures with participation from Thrive Capital and WTI!*

Aptible’s mission is to build trust on the internet. If it’s true that software is eating the world, and that every business will be a software business in the future, it’s equally true that every business will be a security business. Every business that uses data will have to account for how it protects that data.

Today, the norm for this kind of trust-building involves completing compliance audits like SOC 2 and ISO 27001. But compliance is often a poor approximation of security, and has a tendency to replace security as the goal. Compliance itself is treated like a series of checkboxes barely connected to how the business operates or produces value: policies that nobody reads, training nobody remembers, and controls that look good on paper but don’t actually work. Thousands of dollars and hours later, the result is a lot of compliance theater and a gnawing sense that even with your audit report in hand, you’re barely more secure than when you started.

Our vision for Aptible Comply is a world where compliance is not the end goal, but a byproduct of the true goals of security and business growth. We aim to give every company access to great information security – security that enhances growth – from Day 1. We’ll use the funds from our Series A to work towards this mission.

Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be sharing more about the future of Aptible and how we are working to reimagine a world where trust-building goes beyond compliance. I’m incredibly excited for our product roadmap, and look forward to sharing it with you! We’ll soon be releasing tools that help companies manage security workflows, producing compliance documentation as a result of executing everyday business operations. We’ll also be building more ways for companies to connect with others, building trust by communicating their security efforts internally and externally.

Whether you’ve been an Aptible customer since we launched, or you recently signed up, thank you for your support! We wouldn’t have gotten this far without you; and we won’t be able to achieve our mission of building trust without your help.

If you want to learn more now, sign up to try Aptible Comply or Aptible Deploy

Chas Ballew

CEO & Co-founder

*Coincidentally, we closed the round over a year ago the day GDPR enforcement began. Based on our experience with the surge of customers needing help with GDPR, we opted to spend the last year studying the market, talking to customers, and rebuilding our HIPAA-focused Gridiron product into a framework-agnostic security management platform: Aptible Comply.

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