Launch, grow, and scale your startup without worrying about infrastructure

We know how hard it is to launch your first MVP or to start scaling post finding product-market fit. You need all the focus to be on product development, without the distractions of building and maintaining infrastructure. Aptible's Startup Program is designed to help new and growing companies to focus on their products, while Aptible handles the infrastructure.

Startups get 6 months free on Aptible to launch—and scale—their company.

Startups launch and scale on Aptible

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Startup Program Benefits

  • 6 months of credit based on the Starter tier plan
  • Weekly Office Hours with Aptible's platform and infrastructure engineers limited to 1 hour
  • Sandbox accounts for your developers to learn how to use Aptible and or use for side projects

What are the requirements to qualify for Aptible's Startup Program?

  • New Aptible customers only
  • Have raised < $20M US total
  • The last round of funding is either a Seed or Series A within the last 24 months from a venture capital investor deemed qualified by Aptible at our sole discretion
  • Fewer than 20 engineers in the company
  • Co-marketing activities with Aptible

What happens after the Startup Program is completed?

Aptible will work with you to ensure you get the most favorable pricing and discounts available for your spend level via custom agreements after the expiry of initial credits.

I need more resources than what's available on the Starter tier. Is there anything for me?

Startup Program participants can upgrade to a paid plan during their participation and use their credits to offset the cost of a larger paid plan.

Are there additional programs available for companies that don't qualify for the Startup Program?

For new Aptible customers that are too large for the Startup Program, Aptible also offers the Scale Up Program. Please contact us for additional details.

If you're a VC backed later stage startup with fewer than 50 engineers interested in eliminating the distraction of infrastructure, please contact us to discuss credits covering up to 3 months of usage on a paid Growth, Scale, or Enterprise plan, immediately reducing your expected annual infrastructure spend by up to 25%.

The level of credits will be set in consultation with our Customer Reliability Engineering team, and will be based on your expected spend and available funding. If a migration is needed, our team can help! Credits are applied upon completion of the migration of all or substantially all of the core web applications or API.

* Terms and conditions apply, based on the terms set forth in Aptible's Terms of Use.