Managed Docker Hosting, No Config

Easy to start, easy to scale, and all without the pains of building and managing infrastructure.

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The PaaS that keeps on giving

Contemplating hiring yet more DevOps and infra engineers because of the shortcomings of vertical scaling with Docker?

Aptible’s Docker hosting platform makes it easy for your team to scale up without adding more platform engineers to your payroll. Aptible handles all the server management, database scaling, and infrastructure management.

Build, code, deploy, and scale faster than ever with Aptible’s ready-to-use environment, automated deployment, and baked-in security.

The PaaS that keeps on giving

Scalable from day one to year 100

Aptible scales with your app usage and handles all the back-end updates. Here are just some of the situations you won’t ever have to deal with when you use Aptible:

  • Painful infrastructure migrations when your business hits a new level of growth
  • Infinite auto-scaling causing heart-stopping usage bills from temporary anomalies
  • Completely re-engineering your app because providers discontinue services you use
  • Monitoring dozens of APIs and deployments to ensure your app is performant

With Aptible, all your teams have todo is build and deploy. We’ll handle the rest.

Scalable from day one to year 100

How Aptible Works

Launch your project

1. Launch your project

Give Aptible your code via git push or point at a Docker registry and be up and running without any work or config. Everything from provisioning databases to setting environment variables all fall to Aptible.

Grow w/o complexity

2. Grow w/o complexity

All the platform features you need without the infrastructure headache. Managed Databases, metrics and logs that are both easy to find and use, and an expanding list of common framework and starter templates to support your every use case.

Hit Enterprise scale

3. Hit Enterprise scale

Performance, reliability, and scalability are baked into the Aptible platform. Easily toggle between horizontal and vertical scaling, or leave it to Aptible to optimize. Reliability is ensured with Zero-downtime Deploys, Instant Rollbacks, High Availability Deployment, Managed Database Backups, and more.