Aptible Deploy

Launch apps and databases that
are audit-ready

Deploy automatically implements the security controls you need to achieve regulatory compliance and pass customer audits.

Start with Deploy


aptible apps:create healthco-api

App healthco-api-nodejs created!


aptible deploy --app healthco-api --docker-image healthco/nodejs-api

INFO -- : Deploying with git commit: 809ab948298cf038f5080ada37d364dc36a

INFO -- : Building app image from Dockerfile...


aptible db:create healthco-postgres --size 1000

INFO -- : Provisioning postgresql database...

INFO -- : Database provision successful.

INFO -- : Connection URL: postgresql://user:JhyudhsjfkLijfkje83A94fvh@db.aptible.in:27542/db


aptible logs --app healthco-api

2020-09-25 [healthco-api] "GET /healthcheck HTTP/1.0" 301 - 0.0021

2020-09-25 [healthco-api] Started GET "/healthcheck" for at 2020-09-25 17:51:42 +0000

2020-09-25 [healthco-api] Completed 200 OK in 113ms


The Security Question, Solved

Robust security controls + Platform flexibility =
Progress + Compliance. Deploy audit-ready apps and databases and all supporting infrastructure.

  • Audit-Readiness

  • Automated Dev-Ops

  • Ease of Use


Out-of-the-box compliance. Deploy enables you to meet and maintain regulatory compliance and customer audit requirements automatically.

Data Encryption

Deploy provides everything you need to meet encryption requirements so your Databases, traffic, and certificates are secure.

Business Continuity Procedures

You get automatic backups of your data every 24 hours. You can trigger a manual backup at any time, and restore in a few clicks.

Audit Logging

Logs are generated and backed up for every deploy, config change, database tunnel, and console operation, and session.


Deploying should be easier. Deploy helps you automate your DevOps work as it implements the security controls you need for regulated industries.

PaaS for Dockerized Apps

Deploy provisions a VPC for you and hosts your containers and databases in it. Run any code on Deploy that runs inside Docker.

SRE Team Monitoring & Response

The Aptible SRE Team monitors your infrastructure 24/7 and responds to host and network incidents on your behalf.

Database Management

Easily launch, scale, and deprovision any database without being limited to a single database technology.


Security and compliance shouldn't slow you down. Deploy provides you with the access and tools you need while still giving you best-in-class security controls.

Twelve-factor App Deployment

Deploy natively supports 12-factor apps so you can use your existing developer workflow.

Use What You Know

Deploy supports many languages, tools, and database technologies, so you can be secure and still work the way you're used to.


Deploy scales with your business. As you grow, you can resize your container and disk at any time.

Would you build HTTPS from scratch?

Don't Reinvent Application Security Controls.

It takes 19 steps to deploy on AWS…

  1. Develop your application
  2. Implement app-level security controls
  3. Select an operating system
  4. Harden the operating system
  5. Select and implement backend IAM roles
  6. Define network topology, e.g. VPC + subnets
  7. Implement NAT
  8. Select network security controls, security groups
  9. Set up a deployment pipeline
  10. Configure auditing, e.g. CloudTrail, and audit for coverage
  11. Select and implement database encryption at rest
  12. Select and implement a database backup strategy
  13. Select and implement encryption at rest for database backups
  14. Select a load balancing strategy
  15. Select and configure SSL/TLS endpoints
  16. Select and configure host-level monitoring, alerting
  17. Select and implement host-level vulnerability scanning
  18. Select and implement network vulnerability scanning
  19. Deploy

Or you can use Aptible and skip all of these steps.

See All Features

How it works

A simple developer workflow that scales, so you can go from zero to deploying an audit-ready app.


Deploy Your App

If you've used Docker to build and host your own images, simply point Deploy at an existing Docker image to deploy containers on Deploy. Alternatively, let Deploy build Docker images for you: prepare a Dockerfile, then git push your app source code to Deploy to deploy.


Provision a Database

Deploying a database is fast and easy: pick a database type and a footprint, and Aptible Deploy will deploy a database container for you and return the credentials you need to access it. As you grow, you can resize the container and disk at any time.


Configure an Environment

Deploy natively supports 12-factor apps: provide Deploy with a list of environment variables your app needs and Deploy will securely store them and make sure they're available when your containers start.


Establish Encrypted Endpoints

To expose a web app on the Internet, add an Endpoint and Deploy will provision and configure a load balancer, including SSL termination. You get a hostname back. Use it to create a CNAME or send your traffic there directly.


Access Logs

Access your logs in real-time via the CLI. For long-term storage or more advanced use cases, configure a Log Drain to deliver your logs via Syslog or HTTPS.

Who Uses Deploy?

Small companies who need to focus on development goals, achieve regulatory compliance, get audit ready without the benefit of a security and compliance expert.

Teams that would rather not try to DIY on AWS

Small dev teams with no security expert.

Teams that need to focus on development and still get compliant.

Aptible helped us immediately cut our sales cycle in half and win 5 more enterprise deals in our first quarter as a customer.

Dean Ryan, CEO

"Aptible enable us to develop our application more efficiently and to breeze through hospital security audits, saving us effort and speeding up our sales process"

Ryan Aipperspach, CTO

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