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Deploy the Trees 🌲

Henry Hund
Henry Hund

At Aptible, we’re creating the No Infrastructure future. If we have our way, every developer will be able to provision and manage scalable and reliable apps and databases without becoming an infrastructure expert, earning a special certification from AWS, or getting their Ph.D. in Kubernetes.

As outdoor enthusiasts, we're also committed to protecting the environment.

This Earth Day, we're combining our mission with our love for nature. For every developer who signs up and deploys an app on Aptible, we'll plant 25 trees 🌳.

Experience Aptible's platform and contribute to a greener world.

We're partnering with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant trees from April 21st to May 22nd, 2023. Sign up below with your work email—no credit card required. Let's make an impact, one tree at a time.

🌳 Plant 25 Trees for Earth Day 2023

Deploy your first app on our reliable, scalable, and secure PaaS and we'll plant 25 trees in your name.