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Aptible in 2023

Frank Macreery
Frank Macreery

In 2023, we reintroduced ourselves as an entirely new Aptible. This included a new look, new pricing plans, and a new UI. But more importantly, we reintroduced ourselves as a platform on a mission to give enterprise-grade infrastructure to engineering teams of all sizes. This year marked significant strides in enhancing our platform, making Aptible more powerful than ever.

A developer experience—loved by all

To better support development teams of all sizes, we recognized the need to invest heavily in developer experience (DX)–from users just getting started on Aptible to power-users working in our platform on a daily basis.

Users just getting started

For users who are just getting started, we focused on the following in 2023:

  • Simplifying the evaluation process: We introduced new pricing plans, a new trial experience, and starter templates to make it easy for users to evaluate our product, functionality, and costs.
  • Facilitating migration to Aptible: We published a migration guide for users transitioning from Heroku and enhanced our migration support to make it easy for users to migrate to Aptible.

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Everyday users

For our everyday Aptible users, we focused on the following in 2023:

  • Delivering a modern UI interface: A substantial redesign aimed at optimizing developer productivity—we launched a new Aptible dashboard with a fresh design, new navigation, global-per-resource pages, and overall increased speed. And new features like omnisearch, enhanced resource sorting, and filtering, allow for more data visibility than ever.
  • Enhancing the core functionality of our UI: Rewriting our UI enabled us to add more functionality - faster. We released enhancements to config management, database management, in-app metrics, 2FA resets, and more.

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Customization that enables innovation

Our goal is to continue to evolve the Aptible platform to support the customization that scaling and enterprise dev teams need to innovate. To support this, we focused on the following in 2023:

  • Expanding cloud integration with Aptible: We launched 'Aptible Self Hosted' in a limited release. In 2024, we plan to continue to expand our integration with various cloud providers and services. Want to use Aptible with other tools or services? Let us know!
  • Advancing customization within Aptible: We’ve been adding more customization within our platform with features like granular permissions and finer tuning of backups, empowering users to tailor their Aptible experience to their specific needs.

Reliable infrastructure, delivered like magic ✨

You might hear Aptible referred to as the “No Infrastructure platform”. We think of this as a platform where you don’t have to think about infrastructure. It’s what our customers love about us most.

To support this, we focused on the following in 2023:

  • Continuous Platform and Reliability Upgrades: Throughout the year, we've relentlessly enhanced our platform's performance and reliability. We conducted significant maintenance on all Aptible infrastructure, which has been pivotal in ensuring uninterrupted service. As part of this, we also introduced two new features to better assist with visibility and ease of performing maintenance: reliability operation notes and maintenance CLI commands.
  • Backend improvements that enable Aptible innovation: We’ve made significant improvements to our backend, allowing our team to work more efficiently and ship features faster. As part of this, we’ve migrated our front end from Ember to React/Redux, increased the speed of our platform integration tests 10x, implemented performance changes like CPU shares (which also benefits all Aptible apps), and a lot more. 2024, here we come!
  • Vertical Autoscaling for Apps/Services: Infrastructure delivered like magic—including scaling like magic. This year, we introduced Vertical Autoscaling in limited release. Once it’s generally available, we are also planning to add Horizontal Autoscaling for web services and job workers. Interested in Horizontal Autoscaling? Let us know!

Here’s to 2024

2023 has been an incredible year for Aptible, and we plan to carry that momentum in 2024. Are you excited for what’s in store? We certainly are! To follow along with what we’re building at Aptible and to request features that would benefit your team, visit our roadmap.