What is the Aptible Owner's Manual?

The  Aptible Team at our First Annual "Onsite" in 2019.

This Owners’ Manual is a living document that exists to strengthen and reinforce Aptible’s culture by describing how it works.

Inside, you’ll find information on Aptible, our team, and what we mean by “team.” You’ll discover:

  • What Kind of Team We’re Building
  • How We Hire, Promote, and Fire
  • How We Manage
  • How We Communicate
  • Who We Are

By writing down our principles and expectations for the Aptible team but treating them as a work in progress, we hope to continuously improve the culture and the experience of working on the team. By publishing this on the internet, we hope to attract new team members that want to be a part of this culture and improve upon it.

Frank, our Co-Founder and CTO, called this our “Owner’s Manual” because we hope you, as a current or prospective member of the team, are excited to become an owner of Aptible.


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