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What we do

Our Vision

We see a future where it's easy to bring a great idea into the world using the internet, while respecting data security and privacy. The next generation of businesses will design security and privacy into their operating processes. If every business is going to be a software business, every business will need to be a security business.

We're working to make information security a core competency of every startup. We envision a world in which startups have access to great information security, are empowered to focus on their business instead of on compliance, can scale faster and more efficiently, and are confident that they're creating quality products.

Our Values

Done is Better than Perfect

“The perfect is the enemy of the good.” ― Voltaire

We identify the core value of a project and ship the simple thing first. We’re willing to set a goal we’re not sure of because it inspires us to act in the spirit of learning, reflect on the results, and gather valuable data about what to try next. We fail often and early in pursuit of experimentation and risk-taking on novel ideas.We value and respect teaching as the best way to learn, and make time to share information openly. We are a team of learners with a growth mindset: We talk about improving constantly and challenge each other to grow.

Be Hard on Problems, Not People

“Feedback comes from a place of positive intent.” — Michael Terrell

We discuss our questions and concerns openly as a group. We practice giving effective feedback, with the intent of helping each other be more successful. When we give feedback, we make each other feel big, not small.

We work to create an environment where it feels completely safe to ask for help and take a risk — where we feel valued for our contributions and accepted for who we are. We don’t attribute mistakes or unexpected outcomes to human error: We view them as a starting point for an inquiry, not the end. We can resolve difficult issues while supporting each other.

Ask Why

“Is the juice worth the squeeze?” — Source Unknown

We seek to understand before we act. We question our assumptions and surface differences of opinion, in order to discover gaps in our plans and make changes accordingly.

By asking “Why?”, we cultivate focus and create leverage: We pick the right things to work on and maximize the impact of our efforts. By asking “Why?”, we make space for the creative tension between optimism and skepticism, and think strategically about what and how we build.

Our Team

Aaron Eisenberger


Aaron first taught himself to code by sitting with a programming manual in his lap while working on his first startup. Since then, Aaron has been involved with several successful Los Angeles based startups as a lead engineer, architect and co-founder. When he’s not coding, Aaron can be found at a yoga class or enjoying a hike in the Santa Monica mountains.

Adam Hindman


Adam has been a designer, developer, illustrator, and librarian. Before joining Aptible, he worked as a consultant on projects for software companies in the Seattle area. Adam enjoys reading, crime movies, getting rained on in the woods, and the endless quest for the perfect pizza crust.

Adrian Khoo


Adrian is a full-stack engineer with a deep appreciation for business, product and design. Prior to Aptible, he started his career as a management consultant and eventually led one of the largest coding bootcamps in the United States. In his spare time, he enjoys tinkering on personal projects, cooking, traveling and being outdoors.

Albert Wong


Raised in the East Bay Area, Albert is an engineer who loves understanding the big picture and obsessing over the details. Prior to Aptible, he worked as a Risk Advisor for EY performing SOC and ISO attestations, then later developed tools to help modernize the mortgage industry. After work, he loves night hikes and is obsessed with fancy Swiss music boxes (though he hasn't ponied up the cash to buy one).

Alex Kubacki


Alex has been taking things apart for fun since elementary school, and has never ejected a USB device before unplugging it. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Purdue, and prefers working for companies the size of his Dachshund.

Ann Guilinger


Ann is a software engineer who has previously worked in the healthcare and biotech spaces. She is originally from Colorado but has spent her adult life on the east coast. She spends her free time chilling with her dog, attempting to learn new (human) languages, researching random topics and reading.

Ashley Mathew


Ashley spent 5 years as a Software Engineer before joining Aptible. Before that she was working on her BS in Computer Science from Purdue University. When she's not working, Ashley enjoys kayaking with her dog.

Bayley Adams


Before joining Aptible, Bayley worked as a Site Reliability Engineer at both Google and SF startup Formation.  Outside of work, his passion is hang gliding - his gets alerts on his phone when the wind is soarable, but he has usually checked the forecast already.  Bayley lives in Berkeley with his partner and two cats.

Bob Fairhead


Bob's diverse background includes time working on business strategy, foreign affairs, and software engineering. He enjoys reading about history, experiencing unjustifiably extreme emotions about sports teams, and spending lots of time with his family. Bob has a B.A in Computer Science & Philosophy from Brown University.

Caroline Lau

People Operations

Caroline is passionate about building people-first businesses. Prior to Aptible, she led People Operations at several high-growth, mission-driven technology companies, including Architizer, Artsy, and Give Real. She holds an A.B. in History from Princeton University.

Casey Harding-Brown


Casey was born and raised in California (East Bay and Santa Barbara) but has been living in Colorado since 2010 when she came to Boulder for school (go buffs!). Since graduating she's had a colorful career from music event production to software sales. In her free time she's also a singer/songwriter, blogger, and food and travel enthusiast.

Catherine Zarra


Catherine has a passion for building customer focused products. She enjoys learning and creating new things. When she’s not creating virtually, she can be found knitting, tending to her plants or attempting to master the art of home improvement. She loves living near the beach with her husband and two dogs.

Chas Ballew

Co-Founder, CEO

Before Aptible, Chas served on active duty in the Army for 4 years as a lawyer at the Pentagon, which is where he first learned regulatory law. Prior to that, Chas ran two small dev shops for beer money in high school and college. His dog's name is Dilla.

Chris Gomes

Product Management

Chris is a whiteboards and Legos kind of guy. Prior to working as Aptible’s Product Management lead, he co-founded a startup that helped consumers turn their personal data into cash for charity.  His past lives include Lattice Data, Stanford’s MBA program, the Boston Consulting Group, and the Department of Justice.

Christine Thorndyke


David Wen


David is a management consultant turned software dev. He founded the non-profit Time Auction, which allows people to bid volunteer hours for rewards money can’t buy. He enjoys reading what Bill Gates reads and playing sports where height matters.

Ela Ohlson


After graduating college in San Francisco, CA, Ela worked in Community Sales and Operations at WeWork. There, she developed a passion for building strong client-based relationships by finding solutions to meet their needs. She currently resides in her hometown San Diego, CA, where she loves to spend her free time either outdoors or in the kitchen.

Elyssa Cendana


Prior to Aptible, Elyssa worked her way up from SDR to Account Executive in the Medical Vertical at Demandforce. She graduated from the University of San Francisco with a BA in Advertising and Minor in Philippines Studies. She enjoys trying new restaurants and watching reality tv.

Emily Hancock

Business Operations

Prior to Aptible, Emily juggled many balls as an ops generalist at 15Five and lived in Shanghai, China for 3 years for college. You can find her looking for new dishes to try around the world and learning about the creator economy. NYU Alum.

Eric Bower


Here is Eric Bower: baker of breads, aspiring home cook, and perpetually a student.  In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few.

Eric Chang


Prior to Aptible, Eric was building the Sales Development Program from the ground up at DataVisor. He studied Business Economics at the University of California, Irvine, started his career in sales immediately and never looked back. In his free time, he likes to play basketball, cook, read non-fiction, travel to eat and test his Scoville unit tolerance with spicy food challenges.

Frank Macreery

Co-Founder, CTO

Prior to Aptible, Frank led engineering teams at Give Real, XGraph (acquired by Clearspring / AddThis), and Artsy. He holds a B.S.E. in Computer Science from Princeton University.

Gabriella Valdes

Technical Account Manager

Gab is a Technical Account Manager living in Brooklyn, NY. She studied Computer Science and prior to joining Aptible, she worked as an TAM for an IT Consulting firm where she was able to  hone in on customer needs to determine the best solutions. Outside of work, you can catch her drinking coffee and hanging out with her kittens!

Hannah Cunningham


Hannah is a Dallas native and now spends her time exploring the Rocky Mountains in Denver with her Labrador, Mila. She comes to Aptible from the cruise industry and uses her background in behavioral economics to create intuitive digital experiences for users.

Helen Yang


Looking for that place right between calm and bold, Helen enjoys problem-solving, white-boarding, and community-building. When she's not doing that, you can almost always find her drinking jasmine tea, adding pepper to her meals, or making zines. Superhuman & Duke alum.

Henry Hund


Henry left big finance to help grow RJMetrics and launch Stitch (Data). He now leads Aptible's growth efforts, but also tries to do a good job as a husband and father. Henry earned his MBA from Wharton and his BS from Penn State.

Jeff Lesser

Product Marketing Lead

Jeff has worked in marketing at start-ups (taking a break to work at Twitter and then to start his own company). Now Jeff is leading the product marketing efforts at Aptible. In his spare time Jeff likes to ride his bike, fly fish, and listen to music with a beer.

Jesslyn Landgren


Jesslyn is a Georgia Tech trained environmental engineer turned front-end web developer who brings a love of detail and process to her work.  She comes to Aptible after stints at OneTrust and Insiten.  In her free time, she enjoys the quiet suburb life in Atlanta with her family.

Joe Veroneau

Data Protection Advisory

Prior to joining Aptible, Joe spent five years advising companies of all shapes and sizes on maturing their governance, risk, and compliance programs. Joe loves being able to think about big picture strategies while still getting down into operational details. Outside of risk management, Joe enjoys canoeing, cooking, and spending time with his nephew Niall.

Jon Grimes


Jon is a software engineer with a lifelong passion for computers, technology and programming languages. He currently resides in Austin, TX and in his spare time he can be found tinkering with a new language, staying fit or enjoying a local coffee shop with his wife and two boys.

Josh John

Lead Technical Support Representative

Josh rediscovered his love for learning after changing majors from a Pre-Med track to Social Work. After graduating with a degree in Social Work, he spent a year working as a Case Manager before transitioning into the SaaS world as a support specialist. Josh leveraged the communication skills and empathetic listening he honed as a social worker along with his curiosity and love for learning to develop the technical skills needed to excel in the support role. After support, he spent a year working, as a Technical Consultant, with customers to clearly define business problems and design solutions and systems to solve those problems using native tools and custom integrations. Josh joined Aptible to build a world-class, customer-first support team.

Josh Raker


Josh has a BS in Computer Science from Purdue University. He has a passion for automation and creating tools that save time. In his spare time he likes to play video games and spend time with his wife and pets. He has two German Shepherds, a cat, and a hedgehog.

Keshav Vasudevan

Product Management

Krista Humbles


Krista moved from southern California to the Bay Area in 2017 to finish college online. After graduating and before coming to Aptible, she was working in Sales and Account Management at WeWork in San Francisco. In her free time, she likes to travel or spend time doing anything outside - especially hiking or wine tasting.

Kyle Taylor

Product Management

Kyle taught himself to code in high school and became obsessed with technology and building web applications. He studied design in college and ran a tiny internet company out of his dorm room. He began his career as a designer & software engineer until he went back to school for his MBA. After his graduate degree, he transitioned into Product Management. He enjoys the intersection of design, engineering, and business. He lives near Salt Lake City, UT with his wife & 3 little boys. He enjoys hiking, yard work, and salt & vinegar chips.

Leigh Isaacs

Customer Success

As a result-driven and client-focused person, I found my true passion working as a CSM in the SaaS industry. Almost seven years later, working for both enterprise organizations and start-ups, I love what I do even more as I continue to work with meaningful and empowering technology. Outside of work, I am the father of a white husky and golden retriever puppy where you can find us exploring local towns, or you can find me lost in my Spotify playlists.

Liana Lim


Liana is a full stack software engineer. Prior to software engineering, she worked in health administration and clinical research. In her free time, she loves traveling with her husband, jammin’ to classical music, collecting wines, and being a dog mom to Shiba pup Scarlett.

Marin Butterworth

Customer Success

Marin’s passion for building client relationships took her from working in the event design industry to becoming a Customer Success Manager at HubSpot. At Aptible, her customer-first mentality contributes to the continued growth and success of each client she works with. Outside of work, Marin is a certified spin instructor, a natural wine enthusiast, and a florist.

Mario de la Ossa


Mario is a software engineer with a passion for large scale systems and interesting problems. Before Aptible, Mario worked at Plex and GitLab where he enjoyed working on their backend. Mario currently lives in Nicaragua with his wife, his two dogs (Sookie and Dango), and his cat Apollo.

Mark Graziano

Data Protection Advisory

Prior to joining Aptible, Mark worked as a consultant helping customers of all sizes understand how to view and implement security as a positive business driver instead of a necessary evil. While he specializes in the business side of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance, Mark loves to collaborate with engineers and developers to appreciate how risks and threats are addressed at every stage of implementation. Mark spends his time away from work playing with his baby girl, visiting all of Nashville's new restaurants with his wife, and excitedly starting new hobbies that only last a few months.

Maryam Syed


Maryam jumped into software engineering by co-founding a healthcare startup, which gave her the full-stack experience that launched her career. For a while, she worked on a CS degree part-time alongside her full-time engineering role. When she's not coding, you can find her lost in a story, working on her fantasy novel or drawing (if she's not playing a good video game that is...)

Matt Doherty


Prior to joining Aptile, Matt spent 5 years at Lyft helping build their B2B business, and 13 years selling Enterprise Software at Oracle and Information Builders. While Matt does enjoy golfing, riding the Peloton, cooking, and reading, most of his free time is spent with his wife and 3 children.

Melody Noya

Executive Support

Melo completed her studies in Hospitality and Tourism Management, then worked as an English Teacher for 4 years before becoming an Executive Assistant. She loves traveling, going to the beach and taking photos. She is also passionate about baking!

Mia Lopez


Mia worked in Sales Ops at RJMetrics and Customer Success at roundCorner before coming to Aptible to work in Growth Ops. She graduated from Santa Clara University. In her free time, Mia loves being by the ocean and hiking with her husband and pup.

Michael Peterson


Michael has over a decade of experience in marketing & technology for high-growth startups. He has a degree in Psychology and researched the effects of ADHD medications on the developing brain.

Nadim Islam


Prior to joining Aptible, Nadim co-founded several non-profits and startups. More recently, he co-founded a security startup to provide institutional cryptocurrency custody.  In his free time, he loves to teach at programming bootcamps and tinker in hacker spaces.

Rebecca Mendenhall


A Boston-born West Coast transplant, Rebecca ran Demand Generation and Marketing Programs at various B2B tech companies, large and small before joining Aptible. She loves creating creative campaigns that focus on customer benefits and product value. When she's not thinking up fun taglines or creating digital marketing campaigns, she enjoys wine tasting and practicing yoga (though not at the same time!) and taking her dog to the dog beach.

Rob deJuana-Matthews


Rob is passionate about helping companies bring customers, product, and marketing together. Prior to joining Aptible, he ran product marketing for both high-growth startups and midsize enterprises. He earned his MA from Columbia University and his BA from Swarthmore College. In his free time, Rob enjoys playing with his Chihuahua, Lucy, working on his project car, and playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Ryan Curtis


Ryan is a Product Designer with experience working at SaaS companies and at agencies. Before Aptible, Ryan was a design lead on the growth tribe at ServiceTitan, creating software for the home services industry. Ryan’s offscreen life consists of playing music (dabbling in most instruments), cooking, traveling and kicking back with his wife and shih-tzu, Hotrod.

Sarah Veirs

Customer Success

Sarah is a results driven, customer advocate with almost ten years of experience driving overall value and adoption for the clients she manages. Prior to joining Aptible, she held a variety of customer success, support and sales roles while working at ISN and Infor. Outside of work, she enjoys staying active, traveling with her husband and ensuring her standard poodle, Norman, lives his best life.

Stephanie Heinrich

People Operations

I fell into Recruiting almost a decade ago and have been in love with helping people find their ideal roles ever since. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest but really began my recruiting career in the Bay Area where I lived for about 4-years post college. Since then, I have relocated back to Washington and had the chance to work for a few different tech startups!

Sydney Shea


Sydney prides herself on designing thoughtful experiences. Previously, she worked at Mental Canvas, helping to design their innovative drawing platform. Before that, she studied architecture and worked on the campus humor magazine at Yale, both of which were more useful in her transfer to product design than you would expect. In her spare time, she loves taking advantage of New York's food scene, traveling to new places with her fiancé, and curling up with her cat Zadie and a good book.

Taylor Edwards


Taylor worked in Operations at Uber where she helped launch the Dallas market before coming to Aptible to work in Growth & BizOps. In her spare time she enjoys exploring new places, hiking and playing frisbee with her husband and their pup, Ripley.

Tom Cunningham


As UX software engineer, Tom brings design and code together to create accessible user experiences. He comes to Aptible from Lonely Planet where he helped build their design system. Outside of work, you’ll find him with his dogs, on his bicycle, or hanging out at a punk show.

Wesley Harding


Wesley is a full-stack engineer with a background in startups. Before joining Aptible, Wesley led technology and software development for a health tech company he co-founded. Wesley enjoys skiing, mountain biking, golfing, and video games.

Zach Kuzmic


A UX Engineer, Zach comes to Aptible from athenahealth where he helped develop their design system. With a background in both design and front-end development, he loves being able to bridge the gap and see designs all the way through implementation. He has an MA in Interactive Multimedia from Ohio University and is a huge Cleveland sports fan, for better or worse.

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