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Aptible vs. Heroku

Aptible was founded in 2013 to help every developer use cloud infrastructure securely. Inspired by Heroku, who had simplified cloud deployment by building an opinionated PaaS with great DX, we chose to take a similar approach — but focused on abstracting away cloud security and compliance so our customers could focus on building great software.

The result is a PaaS that feels like Heroku at its core, but extends Heroku's functionality to meet the rigorous needs of companies that work with sensitive data or in regulated industries. This page summarizes why hundreds of the most successful digital health companies trust Aptible for secure infrastructure.

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Hundreds of digital health companies — including 20+ unicorns 🦄 — build on Aptible:

hims & hersRightwayAidinGlidianMedical Memorypager

Key Feature Comparison

Heroku (Free to Advanced)Heroku EnterpriseAptible
Security and compliance
HITRUST inheritance
Compliance readiness monitoring
Audited SSH sessions
IPsec site-site VPNs
SSO integration
Host and network intrusion detection
Support and reliability
Engineering-led support
Available Slack support
Compliance and audit support
99.95% Uptime SLA
Core functionality
Works with any 12 Factor App
CI/CD integration
CLI and Terraform interfaces
Deploy via Git or Docker
Log drains
Metric drains
Automated certificate management
Add-on marketplace
PostgreSQL and Redis


  • On Heroku, security is an add-on. Many security and compliance features (or even hard requirements, like a HIPAA BAA) are gated behind their Enterprise plans. On Aptible, security is table-stakes, with the same set of core security and compliance features available to every customer.
  • Aptible's Security & Compliance Dashboard provides visibility into all the security controls Aptible implements by default, as well as any controls that require customer action to maintain. These controls are mapped to HIPAA and HITRUST requirements.
  • Aptible undergoes HITRUST audits every year. As a result, Aptible customers can inherit many of Aptible's controls to reduce the scope of their own HITRUST audit, saving time and money.
  • Aptible offers advanced security features, like Host Intrusion Detection and Network Intrusion Detection to provide additional layers of visible security.


  • Aptible's support team is staffed by DevOps and platform engineers who help to build the product. We speak your language, and we're happy to help with problems that are out of scope for other providers — like application error debugging or performance analysis. Many of our customers cite our support as a key differentiator.
  • The reliability of our product is backed by a 99.95% Uptime SLA. If any of your services is down for 21 minutes or more in a calendar month, we automatically credit your account. We rarely need to issue these credits, and we document all security and availability issues promptly and transparently on our status page.


  • Like Heroku, Aptible's pricing is based on resource usage. Unlike Heroku, we don't segment subscriptions into different plans. A single, simple calculator enables you to estimate your costs on Aptible.
  • On Heroku, many security and compliance features are gated behind their Enterprise plans. To access these plans, you need to talk to a sales rep and negotiate custom pricing. The list price for Heroku Shield (required for HIPAA compliance) is $3,000/month. On Aptible, the only requirement for HIPAA compliance is that you deploy your resources in a dedicated stack, which costs $499/month, prorated to the minute with no contractual commitment.
  • For individual app and database resources, Aptible is priced comparably to Heroku, but with a simpler and more flexible pricing model based purely on container size. Pricing is the same for app and database containers, and RAM and disk size can be scaled independently. The following table illustrates monthly pricing for a few example resources:
    Resource...on Heroku...on Aptible
    App container"Performance M" dyno
    2.5 GB RAM
    custom domain


    4 GB RAM
    1 endpoint


    PostgreSQL database"Shield 0" Postgres
    4 GB RAM
    64GB disk
    HA replica
    50 backups


    4 GB RAM
    64GB disk
    HA replica
    50 backups


    Redis database"Premium 5" Redis
    1 GB RAM


    1 GB RAM


  • For performance/cost optimization, Aptible offers CPU-optimized (C), RAM-optimized (R) and Economy (T) container profiles in addition to the default General Purpose (M) profile. On Heroku, RAM- and CPU-optimized dynos are available only for a small handful of sizes.

Getting Started

Check out our Heroku to Aptible Migration Guide to help with deploying your Heroku-hosted apps and databases on Aptible. Aptible is free to try if you sign up with a company e-mail address, and our support team is ready to help with any questions you have during setup or migration.

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