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Aptible has been instrumental in helping Thoroughcare scale over the past year. They're support team is extremely fast and super helpful when it comes to solving any scaling or cloud based hosting issues we've had. Aptible is a valuable asset to have on board, knowing we can rely on outstanding DevOps support with extremely reliable and cost effective services.
Lance Jordan
Full Stack Web Developer at ThoroughCare
The Engineers at THREAD Research Turned to Aptible
Built on Amazon Web Services, Aptible's secure, compliant cloud platform allowed UCSF to launch The Pride Study in less than 6 weeks, for 90% less than the cost of a traditional IT solution.
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When evaluating a vendor, our priorities were trust, transparency, and reliability. Aptible hits them all, allowing us to focus on what we do without worrying about all the layers of legal and technical ops hurdles.
Alex Villa
COO at Healthify
Migrating to a secure, cloud-based environment can be a daunting task. Aptible’s platform made it simple through their easy to use deployment interface, command-line tools, and outstanding response team. We are very happy with our decision to use them as our primary infrastructure partner.
Andrew Fisher
Platform Architect at Dial Insights
Aptible provides a seamless PaaS and compliance tool for health IT companies, lowering barriers to entry and speeding up product development. This infrastructure is a huge benefit for the industry.
Jeremy Bluvol
Co-Founder at Patch
Aptible’s unique combination of infrastructure and compliance management tools allow us to easily adopt and document security best-practices. This enabled us to develop our application more efficiently and to breeze through hospital security audits, saving us effort and speeding up our sales process. Especially with the compliance stuff, if you guys wouldn't have been there, we would had to hire a couple of full-time people.
Ryan Aipperspach
CTO at MDSave
Aptible provides infrastructure software we’ve come to rely on every day. They’ve played a significant role in our appeal and ability to take on new clients—both in our sales process and technical integration process.
James Dempsey
Lead Developer at Aidin
Aptible provides us a robust and secure platform to build our technology on. It's alleviated pain points with HIPAA compliance and saved us tons of money and time.
Sameer Khanna
VP of Engineering at Pager